Technicians report that running calls with no sales resistance is far easier, simpler and faster than ever before.

Customers report that they really like choosing their own solutions.

Office Staff report a new attitude in the entire company.

Accounting appreciates that the company is now building a strong solid financial foundation.

Help! I’m a contractor and growing my business probably requires change!

Change is good, but don’t we all want to say, “You go first!” Why? Because with change, resistance from our team and our Plumbing, Electrican or HVAC service technician often follows. Will your team like The New Flat Rate? Will your team use The New Flat Rate? Great question….

What will my HVAC service technician think?

HVAC Service Technicians report that running calls with no sales resistance is far easier, simpler and faster than ever! when they use Menu Pricing, The HVAC service technician doesn’t have to worry about trying to “sell” the customer anything. The customer chooses what they want.

Plumbing Technicians using Flat Rate pricing are pressured to become salesmen in the home by offering more services and upselling to increase their average service ticket. With Menu Pricing, they now get to be the hero again by focusing on what they do best which is to diagnose the problem and perform the repair.

The New Flat Rate focuses on craftsmanship instead of parts, allowing technicians to be the expert in their trade. Furthermore, bringing the expertise in the home so the focus goes on them and not on the part as the solution to the problem.

Will my team like The New Flat Rate?

So, when you ask the question, “Will my team like The New Flat Rate?” The New Flat Rate is being used over 30,000 times each week across the nation in big towns and small towns, in big companies and small companies.

Above all: Customers, office staff, sales reps, accountants, managers and Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC service technicians all report less stress, increased customer satisfaction and employee retention with our done for you Flat Rate Pricing system in an easy to use Menu.

Are you considering changing your time and material or flat rate pricing program? Ask yourself: what is the pain point you’re looking to solve? If low revenue, call backs, technician turn-over, customer objections and lack of opportunities in the home are on your list, then The New Flat Rate’s Done For You Menu Pricing System will work for you. Therefore, if your technicians are reporting higher service tickets, can focus on using their true skilled craftsmanship and expertise, wouldn’t you agree that your team would like it?

That’s why we call it HVAC Menu Pricing, Plumbing Menu Pricing and Electrical Menu Pricing made easy.

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