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The New Flat Rate is the #1 Pricing System providing Menu’s for HVAC, Plumbing flat rate and Electrical flat rate service companies that take the pressure off the technicians and automatically do the selling. With 5 options for every service call, customers choose the level of service they want with no sales resistance, resulting in higher average service tickets, technician consistency and increased referrals.

Give your business the push it needs in order to improve sales and profitability, without using any high pressure tactics to scare customers into a sale! Menu Selling is so easy that waiters and waitresses do it every day. You can too.
Choose the menu system you need, watch the training video, present the menu.

The New Flat Rate App

Easily offer 5 price options on every service call for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical service providers. Simply greet your customer, diagnose the problem, and follow the interactive steps in the app to present 5 options on every repair. Instantly increase your average service call rate without raising your prices by giving your customers the choice to buy more. No more sales pressure for technicians, let the system do the selling!

Additional features include: Summary of findings project management, simple invoicing, ability to customize and set your own price points or ask for help, add and remove users, view sales reports and analytics for training and coaching, simple pricing imports provided for your existing software programs.

HVAC Service

Our HVAC Service System includes over 220 menus for nearly every scenario that you will find in the field! Each menu will include up to 5 options (written in a consumer’s purchasing language) to choose from! This will literally equate to the customer up selling themselves with no high pressure tactics, a minimum of 80% of the time!

So what does that mean for you? No more riding your technicians trying to make them into professional sales staff or worse competitors down the line! Each menu offers up to 15 add-on sales per task as well, truly there simply isn’t a more effective solution on the market! You are going to be amazed by The New Flat Rate’s Hvac pricing software!

S.O.S. Selling on the Spot: HVAC Equipment

When combined with the HVAC service selling system you can expect to take your closing rate to 100%!  This will maximize your productivity while making your bottom line explode out of the red into the BLACK!


Our Plumbing Flat Rate Service System includes over 200 menus for nearly any scenario that you will come across in the field! Each menu will include up to 5 options (written in a consumer’s purchasing language) to choose from! This will literally equate to the customer up selling themselves with no high pressure tactics a minimum of 80% of the time!

Findings across the nation indicate, plumbers may as well be carrying gold in the tools, with so many points of failure in a house, our system will allow the customer to maximize each sales call! Thus far, plumbers are seeing the highest per ticket increase!


Recently launched in early 2014, our electrical-centered flat rate pricing menu is our most recent addition. It also may just be the most powerful, too! With menu pricing, the growth of your electrical company is endless.

During beta testing and development of this product, we observed 100% closing rates. In other words, literally everyone that sees the electrical menu pricing system chose an option for repair. Moreover, there were no “service call only” cases with this system, truly amazing!


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