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The New Flat Rate is a menu pricing system that allows HVAC, electrical, and plumbing technicians to not have to sell.Plumbing Price Book, HVAC Flat Rate Plumbing, Flat Rate, HVAC price Book, Electrical Price Book, Electrical Flat Rate
Plumbing Price Book HVAC Flat Rate Plumbing Flat Rate HVAC price Book Electrical Price Book Electrical Flat Rate
Stay in control of your company’s growth and direction by tracking key performance indicators! With The New Flat Rate you can add a method of tracking customers buying habits. This information will be used to extend the free market process into your call taking, dispatching and marketing departments by showing who buys what.
The New Flat Rate is the #1 Pricing System providing Menu’s for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical service companies that take the pressure off the technicians and automatically do the selling. With 5 options for every service call, customers choose the level of service they want with no sales resistance, resulting in higher average service tickets, technician consistency and increased referrals. Give your business the push it needs in order to improve sales and profitability, without using any high pressure tactics to scare customers into a sale! Menu Selling is so easy that waiters and waitresses do it every day. You can too. Choose the menu system you need, watch the training video, present the menu.
“Yesterday was my first day in the field with one of my technicians. We went to see a customer… We followed the script, diagnosed the problem. My technician felt the customer would have resistance against the menu pricing, so I looked at my tech anyways and said, “Let’s do this!” We chose to walk in with confidence and presented The New Flat Rate to the customer…. I sold my 1st PLATINUM!!!!!! When we got back to the truck I told my tech, “IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN!!!””
“Most of our customers are much happier with the menu pricing as opposed to our old flat rate system. The callbacks are much lower, the upset customers are much lower, & the positive reviews are continuously adding up. The program works as described & has multiplied our ticket averages several times over. We are excited to start the new year with a well-trained TNFR staff of technicians ready on staff. This program works equally as well with our HVAC, electric, & plumbing technicians within our company.”
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The New Flat Rate works by providing a menu for every task or repair. The technician simply lets the customer choose. No selling required!
How Much Does The New Flat Rate Cost? Plumbing Price Book HVAC Flat Rate Plumbing Flat Rate HVAC price Book Electrical Price Book Electrical Flat Rate
Customers love The New Flat Rate! They love that they now have options! Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC heaven!
Selling new equipment such as water heaters, hvac systems, or whole house generators becomes as simple for your customer as choosing a new refrigerator from an appliance store. Your customer will ask about new equipment before your technician even mentions it. With The New Flat Rate, equipment menus are available for HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical!
The New Flat Rate works with quickbooks, successware, service titan, desco, service trade, nci, trade serve, service roundtable, and much more!
Switching from time and material to menu pricing is the best thing you'll ever do! Whether it's HVAC, Electric, or Plumbing contractors can now get paid what they're worth!
The New Flat Rate also provides scripts to help your team sell service agreements! By simply following our easy process your customers will buy new service agreements with virtually no “selling” required and usually in less than 10 seconds.
Whether it's the Plumbing Price Book, HVAC Flat Rate, Plumbing Flat Rate, HVAC price Book, Electrical Price Book, or Electrical Flat Rate we guarantee our products
As a plumbing, electric, or HVAC contractor, how do you address the problem of needing your service technicians to encourage upsells without jeopardizing the job they are doing in the home? Their focus should be on the task at hand, not increasing your bottom line. But the revenue from in-home sales is important… so how do you compromise?
Repair technicians are skilled in their field, but are not always the best salesmen. Companies spend a lot of money training technicians to sell, adding stress to their already busy jobs. Take the guesswork out of pricing and sales, and arm your techs with the proper tools to successfully secure business from a customer, without having to haggle, negotiate, or push sales.
Flat rate pricing is evolving and The New Flat Rate has developed a powerful sales tool that lowers customer resistance and provides more options and opportunity for upselling in the home. With a clear and organized menu of prices for just about any repair situation, the service tech can present the customer with a set price for services, taking the guesswork out of the process. With The New Flat Rate’s pricing system, customers are given several options for services & pricing, so they can decide what works best for their budget. The more options they are given, the more likely they are to make a purchase.
We work with several different industries, creating menu pricing materials like an HVAC flat rate pricing book that covers system maintenance, parts, replacement, and duct work prices. If you are in the plumbing industry, your plumbing flat rate pricing book will have prices for services from basic leaky faucet fixes to hot water heater replacement. It’s all in print or on ipads, at the tip of their fingers. 
If you want to know what The New Flat Rate’s menu pricing system can do for your sales, you can call, email, or fill out the handy form on our Contact page at your convenience. We look forward to working with you!
We also provide host multiple Business Seminars throughout the year for HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing Contractors. If you are interested in a Future of Flat Rate Business Seminar please CLICK HERE!


When your plumbing, electrical or HVAC business chooses to go with our flat rate pricing system, it can be difficult to get used to the change. Menu selling is certainly a different way of doing things, but it is one that gives your business a much greater potential for boosting profits and improving customer satisfaction.


While upselling is an important part of any business in any service industry, menu selling lets you do this without placing pressure on your customers. These menus are specifically written with the understanding and needs of your customers in mind, so they will be able to understand which services they truly need. This feature makes it more likely for your customers to come to you with requests for specific services.


All you have to do is present your customers with a menu of the prices of your services. The transparent pricing system lets your customers know that you are not trying to get them to agree to a price point that is different than the price that you are offering to others.


Menus give your customers options that are clearly explained in language that they can understand. Whether you are a single contractor or the owner of a small business, getting used to selling through a menu is a process that every technician can learn in a short period of time. You can implement this pricing structure quickly to avoid any discrepancies.