HVAC + Electrical + Plumbing Contractors are loving The New Flat Rate!

Check out what they’re saying about it below! 

Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing Sales!

“Up $400k with over 2 months to go this year! Loves the system, wouldn’t do anything else unless we offered something else!  Top plumber was a little skeptical at first, but first time he used TNFR, he sold a water heater for $2,795!”

Fred Ballard – AAVCO Plumbing & Heating / Fontana, CA 92336


“The New Flat Rate has allowed us to grow from three techs and one office staff to 8 techs and three office staff in only nine months. We have had an increase in gross of over 50% since I purchased this company and we joined your team. Again thank your team for working so hard to develop this system and I hope to get to 15 techs by mid 2018 with the help of The New Flat Rate.”

Chris Reynolds – Plumb Pro and Hall’s Plumbing / Woodland, CA


“Yesterday was my first day in the field with one of my technicians. We went to see a customer… Followed the script, diagnosed the problem. My technician felt the customer would have resistance against the menu pricing, so I looked at my tech anyways and said, “Let’s do this!” We chose to walk in with confidence and presented The New Flat Rate to the customer…. I sold my 1st PLATINUM!!!!!! When we got back to the truck I told my tech, “IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN!!!””

Robert Castelao – RC Plumbing Services / Torrance, CA


“We have stayed afloat because of TNFR. Had I not made a decision to change the way we financially operate, I am confident we would be struggling. Giving consumers choices is fantastic in our industry. Not something we have ever done. TNFR is a game changer.”

Stephen Quinn – JD Swallow Heating and Cooling /Gloucester, ON K1T 3T8 Canada


“A couple days in and works exactly like you said or better. Therefore, we are very impressed. I’ve been in business for 30 years and you have made the biggest change to how we operate in that time. Literally works like magic, we saw platinum the first day. All I can say, is that ya’ll are awesome.”

Brian Crosby – Airflow Air Conditioning & Heating / Melbourne, FL


I’ve owned my company since 1991. I began in the industry as an installer. Over time I gained experience and jumped the ranks, serving as a service tech and an operations manager before opening my own company in 2000. No sales plan. I just winged it. I created a bunch of three-fold pamphlets and offered maintenance agreements for $89. People called because they knew I could get the job done. My business grew to include a dozen employees but continued to lack a concrete path to sales. I was the only one I trusted to sell. Talk about the weight of the world on my shoulder s. You can only spin your wheels so long.

Mike Hendrix – Hendrix Air/ Nahunta, GA


“One day after class, my first call was a furnace inspection/second opinion. I showed my customer the furnace cleaning page and they chose platinum. Win win.”

Bob Dwyer – A Good Neighbor HVAC


“How could I not go with a company that has a money back guarantee?! Becoming a member of The New Flat Rate is one of the best business decisions we’ve made in 25 years! All the pressure of pricing went away. We virtually get no more calls from customers saying, “You charged me too much!”. Allowing the customer to choose has allowed them to spend what they have…$200 or $2000.”

“My initial investment was paid for within the first 90 days of using the system. The technicians can now focus on fixing the problem, not selling an item. Hands down the warranty! The New Flat Rate’s warranty covers the most simple to more difficult repairs. It’s designed so that the warranty increases with the more repairs the customer chooses. It gives the customer peace of mind and gives us more customer retention and loyalty. We have customers that will never choose another company to do their repairs or replacements again.”

BobTom Lawson – Advanced AC / Bossier City, LA


Heating & Cooling, Electrical, and Plumbing Sales have never been so easy!

“Every aspect of running a service business has become simple. For the first time in over 25 years in service everyone here at Penning PHCE is happy! As one tech said, Well, the stress is off!” Yes, it is.”

Jim Penning – Penning PHCE/ Grand Rapids, MI 49548


“I attended the training on Monday and Tuesday *July 2015*, got home early Wednesday morning and had a full day of catch up to do.  During the whole day, I was continually going over the script in my head and getting more comfortable each time.  First call on Thursday was an A/C tune up, found a blower motor which had a ton of play in the bearings and thought, well, no time like the present to get this thing started!  Grabbed the iPad and started by simply doing the script and reading the top option.  Guess what I said next?  Yep that’s right, “What should we do?”  The wife said, “I sure don’t want the cheap fix!” The husband looked at the iPad and said, “I want that one”, and points to the Platinum!

I just had a simple blower motor replacement go from a $550.00 repair to a $1,650.00 PLATINUM!”

James Haugen –   Priority Heating & Cooling  / Woodbury, MN 55125

New York

“Wow, The New Flat Rate has made us more profitable because the system allows our customers to choose options that are better for them and ultimately better for us. It’s magical. In the past techs would always feel pressured to find more work in a home to get a larger ticket. Now we give the options on the issue we were called out for. TNFR makes higher tickets without a sales approach.”

Bob Auchinachie – Auchinachie Services/ Binghamton, NY 13901


HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing Sales Are Up!

“Most of our customers are much happier with the menu pricing as opposed to our old flat rate system. The callbacks are much lower, the upset customers are much lower, & the positive reviews are continuously adding up. The program works as described & has multiplied our ticket averages several times over. We are excited to start the new year with a well-trained TNFR staff of technicians ready on staff. This program works equally as well with our HVAC, electric, & plumbing technicians within our company.”

Jim Burke – American Air HVAC, Electric, Plumbing /Grove City, OH 43123


“I have a story for you. On my ride along yesterday, Jeremy did the service script perfect and the customer told him that he was sorry that he couldn’t buy the top option, that he just didn’t have the money right now. Jeremy didn’t miss a beat and told him he was not there to break the bank. We only got a band aid, but the customer was very happy when we left!”

Darrell Hillioss – Air Solutions / Sand Springs, OK 74063

“Because of TNFR, 37 people have job security and can support their families. We have never had this many customers calling in or posting reviews bragging about how great of service they recieved,”

Keith Hilligoss – Air Solutions/Sand Springs, OK             74063


HVAC & Plumbing Sales Increase!

“The New Flat Rate has helped streamline and put systems in place. Twelve months ago, we had 1 secretary (who was also the dispatcher) and 1 service tech. Today we have 8 service techs, 1 HR/Bookkeeper, 1 full time in house marketing guy, and we just hired our 3rd dispatcher this week in preparation of doubling in size this next 12 months. Be it the training or the support from the team, TNFR has put together a great company, and it’s hard to say our business would have grown as it has these past 12 months without TNFR in our corner. Thanks to all of you at TNFR!”

Jared Leisek – Einstein Plumbing and Heating/ Bend, OR 97701


“TNFR has helped me to increase our average ticket and made me feel more comfortable with my pricing, since all customers make their own choice. It’s amazing when people pick up the platinum option at the service call when before TNFR. I would have never believed they were able to purchase this top option.”

Stan Samokhin – Modern Air Solutions Inc./ Bensalem, PA 19020

South Carolina

“We used to charge $525 to replace in warranty coils because we felt responsible that we were the ones that sold it.  Now that we follow the TNFR warranty system we have techs getting silver and higher options for $2300 and more with happier customers! Wow!!  This system is working great!”

Russel Klara – R&B Climate Control/ Fort Mill, SC 29716


“Much easier on communicating the faults. We finally make money on warranty work! It’s much easier with consistency with the customers.”

Nathan Copeland – Copeland & Son/ Nashville, TN 37211


“Thanks for all your help. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your team there. Best customer service and assistance I have ever received from a partner in development of sales and strategies.

Mark McGoon – On Time Elmer / San Antonio, TX 78233


“Just spoke with Shane at Gary’s Plumbing. They are doing really well. Their plumbing sales are up. Still overcoming pricing concerns from a couple of techs.  Last month they did 200k in plumbing sales (which puts a slow month into the top 4 sales months for them). They can’t wait till summer. Their techs are going home early because work is slow and they are still making more money than they used to.”

Gary Gibb – Gary’s Plumbing/ Ferndale, WA 98248