Tracking for your Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC service company… How do I track my flat rate or menu pricing system success?

If you don’t measure, you’re guessing. We take tracking very seriously here at The New Flat Rate because when you know the average service ticket for each hvac, plumbing and electrical technician for service and replacement, then we can see when there are highs and lows. When the numbers change, we change. When the numbers go low, that is a high indication that there may be a problem.

We track for consistency and growth.

Let’s say your hvac service company is running multiple service trucks in the field and one technician always has a higher average service ticket than the others. With The New Flat Rate Menu Pricing System, we take a laser focused approach to the rise off the bottom number. What this means is, when using menu pricing, you no longer present one flat rate price on every service call and then inherently pressure your technicians to sell more to increase their average service tickets and the profitability of the company. Instead, with menu pricing, the customer is given five price points for every repair. When the customer chooses a repair higher than the bottom option, we call that the rise.

The rise…

The rise is just one of the areas we focus in on when tracking your pricing results. The soul purpose of The New Flat Rate is to make the business of being in business for the contractor a more profitable place. By providing a flat rate menu, cashflow is increased and we can grow from a position of strength.

Flat Rate Menu Pricing that is done for your HVAC service company technicians, plumbing technicians and electrical technicians. Give them the tool they need to sell more in a way that can be tracked and measured. As a result you’ll have consistency for your team.

Stay in control of your company’s growth and direction by tracking key performance indicators! With The New Flat Rate, you can add a method of tracking customers buying habits.  This information will be used to extend the free market process into your call taking. Similiarly tracking your dispatching and marketing departments by showing who buys what.