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Stats show that our most profitable members attend TNFR training every 6 months.







WHAT do i learn at training?


We at TNFR kick off every training class focusing on the WHY of business! Business and trade professionals alike rarely try something new if they don’t fully align with the company’s reasons and beliefs. During this class, our TNFR coach will provide a robust vision of WHY, along with breaking down and walking through the nitty-gritty of the TNFR app and the Demand Service Process.


Our goal for Tuesday is technician clarity. Our TNFR coaches are trained service technicians themselves so they understand the pains and challenges of your techs. Tuesday is packed full of golden information nuggets, time for questions, and doable W.O.W. factor tips so your techs can walk away feeling equipped to successfully use the TNFR process and software.


Has a customer ever called your company and said, “I need an estimate for this big job?” If so, what’s your success rate at closing the deal? In this Selling On Spot class, you will learn some simple steps that will help get more one-stop closes and more happy lifetime customers. This will allow you to fully adopt the role of a Project Manager and move towards the goal of 100% sales. We fully explain and train on using the S.O.S. Module effectively so you feel ready to solve your customers’ problems.



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When should I attend training?

The model we adhere to is ALWAYS BE TRAINING. Equip your technicians, yourself, and your team with the tools you need to succeed.

What other members are saying

Don’t just take it from us, let your fellow members do the talking!

“The instructor Matt was phenomenal!! He broke everything down into the simplest terms for everyone to remember and understand. Ive never had sales trainning and I am glad and thankful this was my first course. This will change my life immediately. Thanks again! Highly recommended course”

Arthur Chapman

“The training is great and the staff is amazing.   Coming to the facility was a great decision. I know my tech and I got more from the inhouse training than we could get from sitting in front of a computer.
Matt delivered the material in a fun and effective way.   He made training a pleasure.”

Steven Forest

“Just had the privilege of spending 2 days in Georgia with Matt and TNFR team for their training. Had a great time and was able to absorb so much awesome information I cannot wait to implement into my plumbing job back home. Thanks for everything you guys do!”

Michael Schoen

Ready to take your training to new levels?

Change your business in one week by bringing one of our certified TNFR trainers to your business to increase your closing rates, create consistency amongst your techs, and build technician morale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to send my technicians to training?

As a business owner you have to ask yourself, how can I help make my team grow? Whether it’a refresher training, low morale, or they’re having lower service tickets, investing in training is preparing for the long game.

What if my new hire quits after training?

Zig Ziglar says it best: “The only thing worse than training an employee and having them leave, is to not train them, and have them stay.” Training engages your technicians and gives them the tools they need to do a great job. We’ve found that lack of engagement causes increased turnover, quality incidents, and lower profits.



I don't want to travel because of Covid. What's the virtual class like?

Virtual Classes are live and engaged. We ask our attendees questions, and help them get the training they need to feel confident with the amazing changes that Menu Pricing brings!

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