Our Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC Service Agreement pricing is built into The New Flat Rate at the discounts you set.

Do you have a Service Agreement Program? With The New Flat Rate, quickly and easily show a menu of options to your customers. Also, display the discounted HVAC Service Agreement rate with the click of a button.

By simply following our easy process… Grow your Service Agreement program with virtually no “selling” required, usually in less than 10 seconds. Service Agreements are automatically built for you within The New Flat Rate.

The New Flat Rate, done for you Menu Pricing System, will work with your existing service agreement program.

Traditional Flat Rate Pricing displays the selling price and the service agreement or club member rate. Even more, sometimes, it shows an overtime rate. The New Flat Rate has thousands of done-for-you menu pages that provide five options for every HVAC, Plumbing, or Electrical repair in the home.

For Service Agreement members or customers, simply click the Service Agreement button within the app to instantly display the five menu options at the discounted service agreement rate.

HVAC contractors often offer HVAC service agreement programs to grow and maintain their member base. Plumbing contractors use service agreement programs also to grow and maintain their member base. Electrical contractors also find success in service agreement pricing programs.

The New Flat Rate service agreement functionality makes it easy to continue offering your members their discounts and specialty services in one convenient price book, easily accessible on your iPad or tablet.

Wanted printed books instead of digital? No problem, the service agreement is coded into the printed books as well.

If you do not offer a service agreement program, then we will simply set up your pricing system without this feature. When and if you choose to offer a service agreement program in the future, simply follow The New Flat Rate script for selling service agreements to begin growing your service agreement membership right away. The New Flat Rate has found that by following a simple process and script, sales resistance decreases, and service agreement numbers go out.

HVAC technicians who do not want to sell can simply follow the script and help the homeowner to make an informed decision within seconds. Plumbing technicians can follow the script to sell service agreements just as quickly as Electrical technicians. The New Flat Rate is a done-for-you pricing system in an easy-to-use menu. Cloud-based, access the app anytime.