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Our Story…

Over 100 million dollars has been spent teaching Plumbers, Electricians and HVAC techs to sell and upsell. Surprisingly, they still do not sell and upsell in the home? After 20 years of trying to get service men and women to sell in the home I gave up. Consequently, I accidently stumbled on the secret to success in sales: The Menu Pricing System!

Give your technicians The New Flat Rate Menu Pricing System and never again have to say, “Why didn’t you sell them something else?”

The first selling tool that actually sells. Probably the only selling tool that actually sells.

Our Mission: 

To equip contractors with a menu pricing system. One that takes the pressure off their technicians to sell, is easy to implement, and doubles their service sales. To be the most profitable pricing system for our members.

Get to know the team…


CEO + Founder

Fun Fact: taught at the juvenile detention center every week for 2 years Hobby: Woodworking


Project Manager

Fun Fact: I did archaeology on two islands off the coast of GA Hobby: Teaching ballet classes & volunteering


 Membership + Accounting

Fun Fact: When I laugh, you will hear me!
Hobby: The beach, the pool, the lake with my family


Marketing + Creative

Fun Fact: I once drove 60 lbs of live crawfish from Oregon to Colorado Hobby: Dirt biking at sunset



Fun Fact: I once broke my hand while playing Soccer Hobby: Snowboarding and hiking with family


Training Department Coordinator

Fun Fact:I love staying around people as long as I don’t have to talk
 Hobby: Drumming


Customer + Sales Support

Fun Fact: If I could keep any animal as a pet, I would choose a red panda Hobby: I enjoy hiking and visiting state parks with my husband


VP + Trainer

Fun Fact: I once offered to buy a house for $20k and got it! 
HobbyGrilling & boating


Software Project Management 

Fun Fact: I am a published poet
Hobby: I enjoy sending poems to editors for them to not publish



Fun Fact: I spent 2 years in Spain while in USAF
Hobby: Playing my guitar


Operations Manager

Fun Fact: I married my high school sweetheart Hobby: I love to cook and bake


Success Coach

Fun Fact: I just keep chatting!
Hobby: Shopping


  Business Development Manager

Fun Fact: I am soft spoken but will talk your head off if you let me 
Hobby: Drawing

Tere Manresa

Tere Manresa

  Business Development Manager

Fun Fact: Planned to be an opera singer from the time I was 13.
Hobby: Hiking, power walking and brunch!

More About The New Flat Rate Menu Pricing System….

We help residential service contractors nationwide by providing a menu pricing system for them to use with their customers. Available in printed book or digital iPad formats. When using menu pricing, technicians can easily present multiple options to their customers on every repair job. Thus, customers choose the level of service that best fits their budget.

– Eliminating customer sales resistance
– Eliminating technician fear of selling
– Increasing average service tickets
The Menu Pricing System has proven that customers buy more when given choices. The new training facility hosts technicians, managers and owners from as far as California to Maine. In any event, these 2 day intensive implementation events are game changers.
To Sum Up, I Know What It’s Like To Be Frustrated…


Thank you so much for your interest in The New Flat Rate’s menu pricing system. I know what it’s like to be frustrated while struggling to do the right thing in your business. Because I’ve been there. And that’s why we started The New Flat Rate. Thus we created the menu pricing system. As an example, here’s three things The New Flat Rate can do for you.

1)         Money – You must generate serious cash out of every service or replacement opportunity.

– The problem = the perfect technician quit and became my competitor
– The problem = the perfect technician was not duplicatable
-The solution = give any technician a menu pricing system that does the selling for them.

2)         Marketing – You need business coming in from customers who can afford to pay you what you’re worth

When using a menu pricing system, you can begin to track the buying patterns of your customers! Threfore you have access analytics that weren’t possible before. Want to know which neighborhoods are always Platinum buyers? Want to know which customers never say no to an option? Henceforth, analytics are the blueprint, your pre-written pathway to marketing.

3)         Team (Technicians) – You need quality technicians and they are getting scarce