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Come to our feel and touch day where we invite you to take an in-depth look at how The New Flat Rate works and how it can work for you. This is a one day extensive class that you won’t want to miss!


Look around and click on the buttons. We tried to answer the questions contractors just like you ask before they buy The New Flat Rate.

“Yesterday was my first day in the field with one of my technicians. We went to see a customer… We followed the script, diagnosed the problem. My technician felt the customer would have resistance against the menu pricing, so I looked at my tech anyways and said, “Let’s do this!” We chose to walk in with confidence and presented The New Flat Rate to the customer…. I sold my 1st PLATINUM!!!!!! When we got back to the truck I told my tech, “IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN!!!””
Robert Castelao

RC Plumbing Services / Torrance, CA

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