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CRM with Integration

Service and Dispatch Softwares We Connect With

Other Companies We Work With

We work with service and dispatch programs all over the United States.
Service Titan, Desco, Service Fusion, Field Edge, Field Locate, and SuccessWare are just to name a few.

We can have your pricing ready to work with many different software programs. The process is fairly simple. Once you sign up with us, you’ll work with a pricing expert to build your prices for the TNFR system. Once you have your prices set, our team will build an import file (usually based in Excel) for your service and dispatch software. We will send you this file to import into your software.

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After you have imported the pricing import file into your software, you should have all of the necessary information from your TNFR price book within your service and dispatch software. At this point, you will be able to use a four-digit task ID code to find information for a certain task inside of your software. This code can be found with each task within the TNFR pricing system. This saves you from having to manually enter task information every time one of your techs sell a job with our system. You sell a job; you use the code to populate the information for that job.

We do work with many different service and dispatch software companies, but below is a list of a few companies that we see our members commonly use. There are other companies.

These are just the most common:

Field Edge
HouseCall Pro
Service Titan
Service Fusion