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Give your customers options and double, triple, or quadruple your service sales.

Flat Rate Pricing System- Voted #1 Pricing Generator for Contractors
If you’re like most small-business owners, you went into business to make money. When times get tough, it can be tempting to find ways to cut back rather than to look for new investments. However, an investment in a menu pricing book is exactly what you need to transform your service call, boost sales, and reinvigorate your business. Here’s why.


You Won’t Lose Money on a Service Call

Every time a technician visits a customer’s home, that’s an opportunity to upsell. However, customers often either aren’t aware of all their options or they don’t think they have the budget to upgrade. With flat rate menu pricing, customers know up front what products and services are available and the cost.

You’ll No Longer Hound Your Technicians to Upsell

Technicians are great at installation and repair but generally hate sales. With a flat rate book, they won’t have to spend their time trying to sell services to customers. Your technicians can simply show customers the book and let them decide for themselves. This is extremely empowering for your customers — and for your technicians as well.

The prices are clearly laid out and explained so trust immediately begins to build between your technician and your customer. Your technician is free to concentrate on repairing rather than making a sales pitch.

You’ll Gain Customer Loyalty

Because customers will plainly see everyone pays the same prices for the same services, and those prices remain consistent over time, customers will feel comfortable coming back to you for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

Your ROI Will Improve

Since we started offering our flat rate book, we have seen that customers upsell themselves about 80 percent of the time. Compare that to your company’s typical upsell percentages and you’ll see that you’ll make a return on your investment in no time.