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Below are three different scenarios that our training director, Matt Koop has personally been in as a technician. If he were a gambling man, he’d bet $1,000 that you’ve been in one of these pickles, too.

Scenario 1…Okay, so what if you are not using plumbing pricing software?

Picture this: you get off of a job where you’ve been working on replacing the pipes all day. Shortly after your hours of hard labor, you meet with the customer, then say “I’ll be right back with a price.” Well, then what do you do? You run out to your truck and start to crunch numbers for 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes, and before you know it, you have nosey Nancy knocking on your car window to see what’s taking you so long to come back to her with a price. Then while she’s standing there assuming you took a smoke break, you feel rushed to come up with a gut price without having enough time to make sure it was the right price for the job.

What if… Scenario 2

Okay, so what if you choose not to use plumbing pricing software? Think about this. Let’s say you’ve been charging the same price for years on PVC piping. Sure, to you it may sound like, “Oh well, it’s only 59 cents for the pipes, that’s nothing…” Well, did you know that there is about to be a 20% increase in pricing for PVC? Sure, that doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you don’t have a company watching and adjusting your pricing to compensate, it could reduce your net profit for your business at year’s end by up to 3.5 points!

What if… Scenario 3

What if you still don’t think you need plumbing pricing software? You might think that the contracts you have bring in enough revenue for you to be a profitable business. You might even have a few million-dollar contract with the city, making you think, “Wow! I’ve got stacks!” So, when working on smaller service type jobs, it’s not uncommon for you to “cut the price” a bit to “help out the customer.” I mean, come on, don’t be that guy…YOU DESERVE BETTER!! Do not cut yourself short by basically paying their bill for them through the company’s losses. You are a contractor; you are the one that holds the skillset and knowledge that these customers are seeking after.

Your Advantage

Technology has now become a driving force for many businesses, so why aren’t you using it to your advantage? As a contractor, you stay busy 95% of the time, and out of that time, how much of it do you actually spend doing what you love?

What if I told you that using plumbing pricing software would cut down the time you spend trying to close a business deal?

Facts about Pricing Software

Listed below are the benefits of using pricing software:

  • It automates your pricing analytics so you don’t have to
  • The execution is consistent every time
  • It’s efficient, so you can spend time working on other needs within your company
  • If it’s the right pricing software, it could “double your sales

Ultimately, pricing software was created to optimize your time. Most of the time, when you are out on a job, you are actively working to fix a problem the customer has. Once you’ve fixed the problem, the last thing you want to do is leave unpaid. Right? So… here’s your solution: plumbing pricing software.

What to know about Plumbing Pricing Software?

Pricing apps are meant to be used from a smart device. What this does for you is it enables you to work from your phone or tablet when you are out on a job. Second, it already has automated prices for the services you regularly do. No more leaving the customer’s house and sending a bill in the mail, hoping they will pay. A Plumbing Pricing Software will streamline your company to make the paying process more efficient for you as the contractor.

Why you shouldn’t be that guy…

What if you don’t want to be “that guy” that walks away from a good thing?  You should go to The New Flat Rate and speak with someone about getting started on your Plumbing Pricing Software. We can help create a process for your business that solves your need for plumbing pricing software.