Taking before and after pictures on jobs can be useful for technicians and their customers.


Pictures can provide visual evidence of work that was done, and can be used to document the condition of the system(s) before and after the work was completed.

Let’s move on to the helpful tips you should consider when taking pictures for your customers.

How to improve your pictures


Before and after pictures should be clear and well-lit to provide an accurate representation of the work that was done. Use a high-quality camera or smartphone, and take the photos in a well-lit area to avoid shadows and glare.

To provide an accurate representation of the complete work, capturing the entire system in the before and after pictures is essential. Capturing the entire system includes the outdoor unit: the indoor unit, and any other relevant components of the system.

In addition to capturing the entire system, it’s also vital to take close-up shots of any specific areas that were worked on. Close-ups can provide detailed evidence of the system’s condition before and after the work is completed.

Tips that will up your picture game


To make it easy to reference the before and after photos, label them with the date, time, and location of the job. This helps ensure that the pictures are accurately documented and easily accessed if needed.

With Company Cam, everything is done for you. It is automated with a stamp of who took the photo, the date, and the time. Once you take a picture, that photo goes into a folder automatically for you. Also, by using their “tag” feature, you can search for images you need under that tagged keyword.

Once the before and after photos have been taken, it’s essential to store them securely. Storing your photos can include storing them digitally on a secure server or keeping physical copies in a safe location. Company Cam is an excellent example of a good server to keep them on. Company Cam automatically stores all your pictures for you in live time and even stores them in the correct folders.

BONUS TIP: After taking pictures on the job, include those pictures in the presentation with your customer. Using Company Cam is an excellent way to do this without showing your customer your personal life. We take over 1,000 pictures yearly of our family and significant life events. With software like Company Cam, you won’t have to worry about your customer seeing personal or explicit content.


Lets Review


By following these best practices, technicians can take effective before and after pictures that can provide valuable documentation of their work. These pictures can be used to demonstrate the condition of the system before and after the work was done, and can help to build trust and confidence with customers.


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