matt blog face“What do we do about our long time loyal customers?”

“I mean, surely if we walk in and show them this new menu pricing system they will be offended or at least wonder why we changed from what we’ve always done.”


These are the thoughts of many service companies around the globe when it comes to TNFR. But rest assured that we have found that it does not come up nearly as often as you think. And why does it not?

Simply put. Because they already love your company! Why would they object to options from someone they already trust on a very high level?

Therefore, when it does come up, we just tell them some of the reasons why we changed.

“Mr. customer, we made the change to a menu/option pricing system because of a couple of reasons. One of which is that due to the rising costs in the economy we found that we could show different levels of options to our clients allowing them to choose how much or how little of a service we provided. This has allowed us to maintain an affordable option in almost every area of the industry.

Not to mention we found that when we used to only give one price and/or a surprise bill at the end of the call, our clients felt backed into the corner as if they did not have a say in the matter.

So now we give all of our customers multiple options allowing you to be in control of your checkbook as well as the amount of work to be done.

So as long as that is ok with you I would like to give you the opportunity to select your level of service from us today. And we will make sure that we give you the absolute best possible service, craftsmanship and attention that we can for that option.

What should we do?”


A candid conversation like this with a client that questions the change can go a long way in building trust and facilitating the change for your lifelong clients.

Thanks for taking the time to simplify and advance our industries.

And as always we’re here to help.

To Your Success!!!

Matt Koop/ VP, Training & Implementation

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