We are introducing Haven’s NEW Central Air Monitor & Controller to change the game!


Announcement! Haven is doing a 50% OFF promo with The New Flat Rate for their Haven Central Air Monitor & Controller Bundle! 

The Haven Central Air Monitor is the first duct-mounted, whole-home air quality monitor built for HVAC professionals. The Monitor gets professionally installed into the duct, right next to the air handler or furnace. This is how it can monitor the air’s health in the whole home. The NEW HAVEN Central Air Controller then automatically activates HVAC equipment based on real-time monitoring readings, ensuring proper filtration and circulation of the home’s air.

Imagine having your techs enter the customer’s home and offer this Monitor!


How could this help your customers’ safety and health?

Use PROMO CODE: haven2022 and check out our recent podcast with Haven Founder Kevin Hart to learn more about our other promo with them, 45% OFF a single monitor! Buy today here – trutechtools.com and search “Haven Monitor.”