Google profiles are only one billboard for your company, so let’s make it the best it can be! In this podcast, you will learn fantastic tips you can use when reviewing your Google business profile.


Today we sat down with Colleen Keyworth, the Director of Sales and Marketing of Online Access, to discuss why having a favorable Google business profile is essential for your company.

In this episode we discussed two key factors:

  1. Why is it relevant for Contractors to have a positive Google business profile?
  2. Why is it important to respond to every Google review?


Let’s continue to see how important this is for your company.

Why is it relevant for Contractors to have a positive Google business profile?


Colleen says, “Google Business Profile is a great way to increase traffic to your website. It’s massive. It cannibalizes your website traffic every day. You would be surprised to see how many people don’t even make it to your website before they call using GMB.”

She continues, “If you use Google to find businesses, like restaurants or hairdressers, you’re constantly looking at the Google listing for those businesses. You’re finding that phone number, and you see that star rating. You have the information, what you need, and maybe some pictures that catch your interest. Google Business Profile gives you that stats every month.” 

Google has recently updated and added so many more new features for your Google business profile, such as Google Guaranteed. Even though you would have to pay for some of these next-level updates, most of it is free. Make sure your address and phone number are correct, everything is set up properly, and your listing has photos.

Google said listings with photos get interacted with five times more; people want to see what everything looks like. As a contractor, you can use photos of your team, your work, your logo, or your trucks to promote your business. Use a system that will collect your Google reviews.

This leads to the next point, 

Why is it important to respond to every Google review?


Being responsive shows Google you are active on your listing and will push your listing out more. It is vital to respond not only to positive reviews but to negative ones as well. Your response on a public level, especially in your Google listing, should be professional and apologetic. It demonstrates to other potential customers how you handle customer service and complaints.

Colleen explains the importance of Google reviews: “Being responsive to reviews shows Google that you’re actively engaged in your listing. It shows your company is putting forth an effort. Responses, in general, are never for the individual you’re responding to. When you respond to reviews, people are looking at your listing and wanting to know more about you. This is especially true for negative reviews.”

She states, “Responding does help because Google still looks at those responses. I recommend that people use keywords and reviews to improve their listings and respond to negative reviews. It’s like being put on a stage and being told to answer a difficult question. How do you handle yourself as a business?”


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Show Notes:

[02:21] How is it that Online Access is able to specialize in home service industries?

[06:08] What is the relevance of these members to have a positive Google business profile?

[12:33] Why is it important to respond to every Google review?

[16:45] What can company’s do proactively to start helping their company build a bridge over the valley’s they run through?

[28:27] Is there a golden number that they know they could start with?

[39:24] How can company’s like Online Access help you find techs?

[29:16] What should you be focusing on and be aware of in the world of pay per click right now?