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If you’ve ever had to sell anything, you know that the only way is to show the value of whatever you’re selling.

But what exactly is value, and how do you show it to your customer?

Sometimes it’s as simple as listening.

Listen with the intent of understanding your customer versus trying to get them to understand you.

The difference between understanding and being understood is this: if you want to be interesting, be interested.

And how do you get interested in someone? By being human.

Yep, by caring. You don’t have to be best friends or family to care about someone. That’s a basic human function. 

By simply observing or listening to what your customer needs or intrinsically values, you can create a connection with that information, which in turn builds trust. Your customer feels they were seen, heard, and are getting the value they believe in, and you helped fill a need they had that maybe they didn’t realize they had before talking to you. 

So we have talked about the concept of value in sales, but what about in the workplace?

It’s a hot issue right now as the workforce is changing from the Baby Boomer generation to Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z, and each generation values very different things. 

The belief that younger generations are “lazy” and don’t want to work hard is a misunderstanding of what’s valuable to younger employees. 

Most believe in doing the same great work you want to do, but they have different ideas on how to get to the same result. 

The pandemic in 2020 really brought to light alot of these issues in the workplace that were already brewing, but now it’s front and center. So, what’s the solution?

As scary as it may be, ask your employees what they find valuable. Maybe they just want a day off with pay, or a new set of tires, or just the occasional, no strings attached, “thank you for all your hard work.” 

Flexibility in work location and hours goes a long way for just about everyone in the workplace under the age of 40, and even over the age of 40! You have adults working for you, treat them like one, and in turn, they will want to work above and beyond for you because they feel valued.

TLDR: Don’t try so hard to be interesting, you look ridiculous. But it’s simple to be interesting, just be interested in the person you’re connecting with, and they will feel valued.

IMPORTANT: There is mention of suicide as Chris shares the inspiration for his book. Please be advised.


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