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Money is a magnifier. Have you ever thought about that?

When you don’t have a lot of money, there really isn’t a chance for things to get too controversial. Who you are when you are poor, broke, and barely scraping together money to buy coffee at the coffee shop gets magnified when you have a lot of money. 

This may not be a big deal unless you operate a family-owned business or have a business partner. Then the values that you didn’t align on when you were small and broke, just turn into massive shining lights when you get big. 

It’s no secret that we are in the middle of a hiring crisis. You can’t go to a local restaurant without seeing signs asking for patrons to be patient as they are understaffed right next to a hiring ad. 

But can we get real for a second?

Sometimes the problem isn’t that no one wants to work. It’s that we are afraid our technicians and office staff will quit if we change anything. 

Nobody wants to change their culture You don’t want to change your rules. You don’t want to change anything in your business because you might lose your people. 

But if you, as a business owner and company leader, don’t set the rules, someone else in your company will. 

Tip #1

Treat your employees as a second customer

How do you get more your target customer?  the one that loves buying from you? Answer: Market in their area. Don’t forget to market to your new hires in the kind of places that your target employee would be.

Think about one service technician. How much is one person in one van worth in our industry?

A lot, sometimes $1 million a year, sometimes $250,000 a year.

For the sake of this example, let’s just say $1,000 a day. If one service technician in one van is worth $1,000 of service sales a day, and we’re open 250 days a year, that is $250,000 we’re missing because we didn’t go recruit that person. 

Tip #2

How is Amazon hiring in your community?

I know, that might not make sense. But bear with me. 

Look at how Amazon is hiring in your city and see how they’re putting ads on Indeed, Craigslist, or Facebook, wherever these public marketplaces are. Typically when they are hiring, they’ll post ads three, four, five times a day, because the top ad always does the best.

Many times they are using the same ad or variations of it. But no matter what, Amazon wants to show up at the top. 

Copy the “hiring gurus” and do the same. If you need help, post multiple times a day.

Tip #3

Hire for attitude first

What do you hire for?  Do you hire for skill, attitude, craftsmanship, experience?

It’s so easy to want to hire from our gut. That emotion happens when you just “hit it off” with the right person. 

Maybe they laughed at your jokes or asked you about your kids, or you share the same baseball team preferences. 

But you shouldn’t have to teach your staff what they should have learned at their kitchen table growing up: the basics of having a good attitude and being a nice person. 

As a service business, it’s ingrained to want to help people. And we want to hire people because we know that we can help them. But if we really are trying to create the right culture and be fair to our existing team and grow our company, it comes back to the question of 

“What do you really want?”

I mean, do you want to be a charity or do you want to grow a company

To help you accomplish these three tips and actually apply them to your business, you can download our FREE Job Scorecard!

It’s something Danielle created for those emotional entrepreneurs who are “GO GO GO” who need help taking a step back and really strategizing what your company needs to move forward. It helps you outline a strategy of what you need so you can justify the hire and hold people accountable. 

You got this. Write creative ads that speak to your potential employee, post them a ton, and listen to the whole podcast to get more tips.

Show Notes

Who is Dom [0:40]

Simplify the hiring process [10:30]

It’s time to get creative [17:40]

Creative recruiting goes back to culture [25:17]

The job scorecard [36:31]

Construction Millionaire Secrets [52:00]

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