We all feel our wallets shrinking. When my family of five eats out, we now pay at least $60. Milk is $6 per gallon. Strawberries were $9.98 at Costco last week. $9.98!! Life is becoming increasingly expensive.

How do these price increases affect your customer? 


Customers spend more with their credit cards and have fewer savings in the bank.

Data shows that the average American family has a little more than $5,000 in savings. How much does a new water heater, HVAC system, plumbing update, or electrical update cost? I recently received an estimate to repipe my 1970’s home, and the price was around $50,000. For a new HVAC unit, as regulations change and supply chain issues persist, the average cost is between $5,000 and $20,000. How many Americans can afford the quality products and craftsmanship they desire for a safe and happy home? Many homeowners prefer to keep their savings padded, or they do not have the deep pockets needed for rising repair and replacement costs. 

How can you better serve your customers during these tough economic times? 


Contractor financing can be a win-win for you and your customer! Offer financing and give customers the option for monthly payments. Grow your sales and repairs while offering your customer relief and opportunities to maintain a safe and comfortable home affordably.

Financing can also help you close the sale and offer a competitive advantage. Mention that your company offers 100% financing in each estimate. If “financing” is too taboo for you or your technicians, rephrase the option as “monthly payments” or “payment options” to avoid putting anyone off. 

We at The New Flat Rate are proud to partner with OPTIMUS Financing, a new financing program through the Electric and Gas Industries Association (EGIA). Optimus serves contractors in the following ways:

  • Any contractor can register to use OPTIMUS Financing regardless of how long you have been in business. No financials are required! 
  • OPTIMUS uses Soft Pull technology to quickly help customers get to the right lending or leasing products. Soft Pull technology will eliminate the need for multiple applications and credit pulls for customers, leading to 90% approval ratings in seconds.
  • OPTIMUS eliminates the “NO” and gets you to a “YES” quickly and seamlessly. With Soft Pull Technology, OPTIMUS pulls from three tiers of lending. The program only uses a Hard Pull on the customer’s credit after the Soft Pull has ensured approval through PrimePlus, Prime, and SubPrime lending options. 

The New Flat Rate has partnered with OPTIMUS because we want our contractors to have the capabilities to close more sales and better serve their customers. With OPTIMUS financing, Contractors can offer lending options to their customers with a 90% approval rating. No more sitting on your customer’s sofa tensely waiting for lending approval and then telling the customer they do not qualify. An embarrassed customer is less likely ever to call your company again. The New Flat Rate loves tools that help our members keep happy customers for life, and OPTIMUS Financing is an excellent option for your business to continue that mission. 

Register for free with OPTIMUS Financing at www.OptimusFinancing.com/tnfr and they’ll have you up and running in less than a week!