Tired of hearing crickets in your business? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with these 6 easy-to-use scripts that will help you connect with customers, boost repeat business, and leave a lasting impression.


Hey there! I stumbled upon some old scripts I wrote for my first Heating and Air Company, and I thought they could be helpful for you! Calling your list is never overrated, right? In fact, I highly recommend it unless you want your business to be as quiet as a library during finals week. These scripts may be a blast from the past, but they can still be helpful or, at the very least, entertaining in helping you grow your company this month. So, give them a read, and let’s hope your business doesn’t end up in the same category as disco: a thing of the past!


Have a PLATINUM day!
Rodney Koop


#1. Script to get your customer’s email and consent to contact:


Hello, is this [customer name]?

Hey, [customer name]. This is [your name] down at [your company’s name]. My dad wanted me to call and ask a few people if they got the notice we sent about the recall on your heat pump. It’s not a big deal; it just had a part that may need to be upgraded. Can I email that to you? What’s the best email to use? Oh, and my dad said to send everyone my mom’s apple pie recipe. Do you mind if I put that in the email also?

Thanks for helping me. I hope you have an enjoyable day!

#2. Script to immediately prioritize every call that comes in:


Oh my gosh, Mr. Customer, I am so sorry you have that problem! Is it the upstairs unit/system/heat/plumbing/toilet/lights etc., or downstairs?

That must be inconvenient. We will do our best to get there today, but will someone be home if we can only get there tomorrow?

Would you like us to call 15 or 30 minutes before arrival?

What’s the best phone number for that call?

(The value of this script is that it lets the customer tell you how much of an emergency it is.)

For more on this, check out our video at www.fluiddispatching.com


#3. Script to book incoming calls when the customer asks, “How much?”:


Our service and dispatch fee is only $69, so we will send a certified technician in a well-stocked truck.

He will do a thorough evaluation, and if it’s something simple, like a breaker or fuse, there may be no additional charge. However, if a repair or part is needed, he will show you several pricing options before he does any extra work to avoid surprises. Is that fair enough?

Do you prefer the morning or afternoon?

What is the street address?

#4. Script to get business in desperate times:


Hello, is this [customer’s name]?

Hey [customer’s name], this is [your name] over here at [your company’s name]. My dad told me to call to ask around and see if people are getting the postcard he sent out; it’s a big yellow card. He thinks the post office is sitting on them and not mailing them out. (chuckle)

It seems some got them, and some didn’t. It’s about a study the EPA did on roughly 1,000 homes and found that air ducts leak almost 40%. The Utilities found out about it and suggested we do some spot tests.

It seems like people don’t like paying for heating and cooling just to waste it in the attic and crawl space! So anyway, we’re doing a quick air duct test in your neighborhood. It takes about 15 minutes and determines if you are wasting money by paying too much on your utility bill. It seems like a good time now before it gets hot. Are mornings or afternoons best for you?

#5. Script to get repeat business from existing customers:


Hey [customer’s name], I’m [your name] from [company name].

My boss wants me to update our computer records in case we need to send out any notices about your plumbing.

Did your zip codes change recently? No, so it is still [their zip code]? Great, and of course, your house still sits on [their address], right? No problem, and is [their last name] still the best heading? Ok!

Hey, thanks, you make my job easy. What is the best email to send updates to?

Oh, and my boss said to thank everyone by sending his wife’s favorite apple pie recipe. Can I use this same email? Thanks again for making me look good; I hope your day is lovely!

#6. Script to install high value on the doorstep before you do any work:

Hello [customer’s name], I’m [your name], here to take care of your check-up on your heating and cooling system.

What I will do is first check and inspect the mechanical systems to make sure nothing is broken. 

Then I look at the electrical system and controls to ensure all the connections are secure and everything starts and stops when necessary.

I will also, of course, do a safety inspection because safety is no accident.

Then I’ll check efficiency to ensure you aren’t overpaying the utility. It won’t take long. By the way, if I should find anything that concerns me, would you prefer I mention it or just put it in my report?

Ok, I’ll get started


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