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The New Flat Rate presents “Power of Selling at the Right Price” virtual workshop for home services businesses on Oct. 29


Rodney Koop, the founder and CEO of The New Flat Rate, the first menu-pricing system for home service contractors, and veteran HVAC training and management expert Bill Ligon will host “The Power of Selling at the Right Price,” a live, interactive online workshop on managing costs and pricing, on Oct. 29.

In the virtual workshop, Koop and Ligon will offer strategies and practical solutions that HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors and managers can implement to ensure their products and services are priced to drive sales and accurately reflect the costs of operation.

“The prevailing wisdom in our industry is that raising prices is the way to increase profit,” Koop said. “If that were true, and Coca-Cola followed that advice, a can of Coke would cost $35. But offering low prices at high volume isn’t the best strategy for most contractors, either. Bill and I will help business owners and managers identify the right price for their products and services so they can close more sales and maximize revenue based on realistic calculations of their individual markets and goals.”

“The Power of Selling at the Right Price” is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 29, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. EDT. A live Q&A session with Koop and Ligon will follow the workshop, and attendees will have access to a video recording of the session.

Koop, an accomplished motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur and master electrician, has founded and sold HVAC, electrical and plumbing service companies over the last three decades and contributed numerous articles and industry assessments during his career.

Ligon’s extensive career in the HVAC industry has included sales, management, owner and trainer. After selling his contracting business, he launched a mission to help contractors improve their lives and the lives of their employees by building profitable companies through Ligon Consulting, Inc.

For more information about The New Flat Rate, visit https://www.thenewflatrate.com. To learn more about “The Power of Selling at the Right Price” or to register, visit https://thenewflatrate.com/how-to-know-your-costs-and-know-what-youre-missing/.