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When it comes to your marketing strategy (wait, I need one of those?), finding something that works is crucial to your success.

When it comes to your marketing strategy (wait, I need one of those?), finding something that works is crucial to your success. 

But it’s easy to get caught up with all the pretty, shiny things that worked for other companies.

Billboards worked for your uncle? (Before you ask, yes, you need one.) Great, but is that best for your marketing budget?

In the home service industry, we are fixers. And when it comes to marketing, we want to jump right in and fix whatever “pain” we are feeling. 

Need to hire more techs? Need the phones to ring? We throw money at a Facebook ad and hope it sticks. While that may work once or twice, it’s not the most effective way to spend our marketing dollars.

So, what is the silver bullet that will change your marketing for good?


Crystal Williams with Lemon Seed Marketing uses the cake analogy.

When you bake a cake, you always use the same ingredients and directions to have the perfect cake when it comes out of the oven. 

The recipe is your marketing strategy. Your silver bullet. 

These are the tried and true tactics you use to get your phones ringing every time, and it will look different for every company. 

This formula should never change. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t try out the shiny new marketing or advertising trick you saw. 

But you should look at those as your icing.

You can have all kinds of different icing included in your dessert budget: chocolate, buttercream, vanilla, but that shouldn’t take away from your cake budget. 

You can throw a billboard or two in there, as long as you maintain your marketing strategy budget.

This doesn’t mean that you throw your whole marketing plan out when catastrophe hits or something goes wrong. Instead of trying to recreate the wheel every time something doesn’t work, pivot. 

No one can predict the future. But when something unexpected does happen, you have already prepared and strategized, and you can quickly shift to accommodate the inconvenience. 

Here are a few tips to start on your silver bullet. You got ‘em. 

  1. Don’t sleep on your branding. Whether it’s a big sign outside your office, organic social media posts, or a billboard around town, keep your name in front of your demographic.
  2. SEO. Search Engine Optimization. You need it. Not all websites are created equal. This is not rocket science. So is your website nice and clean with a good phone number? Can people find you and contact you? Are you optimizing the cities that you want to grow in? Don’t go crazy and start optimizing 12 cities; pick two or three right in own your backyard.
  3. Let it marinate like a good slice of BBQ. Stick to your plan, optimize your Google My Business frequently, and share consistent branding, and your marketing will go a long way.

Like a silver bullet.