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As a technician, your role in the contracting business is crucial. You are the person who deals directly with the client and fixes their problems. You are the face of your company, which is why customer service skills are so important. World-class customer service will vastly exceed your customers’ expectations and build their loyalty. Plus, great customer service will attract new customers since a whopping 87% of consumers share good experiences. But how can you provide a world-class customer service experience? The answer is in this week’s podcast!

In this week’s episode, we had the pleasure to sit down with Suzanne Wedeven. Suzanne is a co-owner of a plumbing company and a success coach for The New Flat Rate. She does one-on-one coaching and ride-alongs in the field to help technicians perform the perfect service call every time. Not only does this improve customer satisfaction and boost referrals, it helps technicians to enjoy their work and become an even more valued part of their company. On this episode of The New Flat Rate Podcast, Suzanne shared four key points that can help you excel as a technician.


Four Key Points to Help You Excel as a Technician…

#1 Remember What Motivates You


What is your motivation as a technician? Do you want to make more money and be a top performer? Do you want a better position or more responsibility? Do you simply want to put your trade skills to good use and help people? There’s no right or wrong answer here, but knowing your motivation is key. When you know your motivation, you have something to work towards and you put your future in good hands – your own.

Whatever your motivation is, The New Flat Rate pricing menu and scripts can help you to achieve your goals without having to become a salesperson. Scripts and pricing options simplify your dealings with the customer, making world-class customer service easy to achieve. When you present a customer with options and offer them your very best services, the sales pressure is off. You can focus on your highest and best use of your time, putting your skills to work to resolve the customer’s problem while fulfilling your own personal motivation.

#2 Be Proud of the Company You Work For


Are you proud of the name on your truck when you pull up to a customer’s home or a supply house? You should be. If you have pride in the company you work for, it will be much easier to follow processes and be a team player. This is key because it takes a whole team to provide customer service. 

When all the techs in a company follow the same process, the whole team will harmonize, allowing you to provide world-class customer service at a profit. In the end, the customer and your boss will be happy with your work, you might just open up opportunities to make more money, and most importantly, you will feel fulfilled as a technician, too.

#3 Understand Why Sales Matter


Sales matter because we are in business. We all have to make a profit so that we can continue to support our team and our families and expand. That said, straight selling shouldn’t be your goal. You should strive to provide better service and value to generate profit.

Remember that your skills are extremely valuable, even when you feel like you’ve been called out for a simple fix. To the customer, it isn’t a simple fix. They need your help to make their home feel safe and secure and to alleviate their anxiety. To them, you are a real lifesaver. Remember your value, and offer your customers your very best service level. It’s up to them to choose, but imagine the value they will receive if they choose a platinum package for their repair. When they do, you’re allowed to take care of all your concerns that day and work to perfection without time being a factor. When you highlight the value in your platinum services, you aren’t selling; you are offering real value and generating profits.

#4 Enjoy Your Role as an Educator

As a technician, you are an educator. When you get called out to solve a problem, it’s your job to explain to the customer in an understandable manner what the problem is, how it can be fixed, and what level of service makes sense for their home and their finances.

A word of caution here: as a technically-minded person, you’ll need to avoid overeducating. When the customer asks you a question, if you go into an overly mechanical or technical explanation, you could confuse or frustrate them. Instead, stick to your script. Answer questions in a sentence or two, being sure you address their pain point directly. If a person raises an objection, recognize the question or doubt they have and address it before you continue educating them any further. Good listening skills will help you identify your customer’s concerns and ease their minds.

These four points will help you offer world-class customer service to everyone you meet in a day’s work and enjoy what you do. To hear more of Suzanne’s insights on how to succeed as a technician, listen to the full episode of The New Flat Rate Podcast.