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Contractors have been asking us at The New Flat Rate for seamless integration between our automatic selling system and Housecall Pro. You have needed a way to swap between apps intuitively.


Here it is.

The New Flat Rate has officially integrated with Housecall Pro so you can work smarter with job management software designed for you as a service contractor. 

This integration allows your service techs to fix the problem faster while slimming down the room for human error, from dispatching a call to collecting the payment. 


  1. Connect your service tech’s Housecall Pro + The New Flat Rate accounts
  2. Dispatch and start the job with Housecall Pro
  3. Present automatic (done-for-you) 5 repair options in The New Flat Rate’s mobile app
  4. Once a customer selects their package, The New Flat Rate app will prompt you to send the line items to the associated Housecall Pro job
  5. Complete the invoice and process payment within Housecall Pro

We made it so easy; it’s almost too easy. 

The New Flat Rate dominates the service repair sales process. It fits perfectly within the overall service call process that Housecall Pro facilitates, creating a more effective and profitable Service Call process for the Pro.

But why is integrating and simplifying so important when the way we were doing it worked?

Human error. When switching back and forth between apps, line items, pricing, etc., each factor adds another margin of error the tech can make accidentally, especially when trying to work quickly or meet tight deadlines. 

Because The New Flat Rate’s menu pricing system automatically includes the line items included in a job and now will automatically load that into the invoicing process in Housecall Pro. That way, there is no confusion for the customer, and nothing is overlooked. 

Automating more processes also allows you to take advantage of the booming economy while focusing on growing your company. Instead of being bogged down in paperwork or fixing “copy + paste” mistakes, your company can grow faster and sustainably. 


Introducing Roland Ligtenberg [00:59]

What is the integration between apps? [3:15]

Automation to eliminate human error [4:32]

Booming economy = more calls [6:28]

How to tackle the hiring crisis in the booming economy [12:53]

Trade Academy Scholarship and Program [16:11]

Book and Podcast Recommendations from Roland and Danielle [23:20]

Pro-tip from Roland [28:29]

Discounts and special offers [32:17]



Danielle’s Book Recommendation- Three Feet from Gold

Roland’s Book Recommendation – The Daily Stoic

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