Welcome to the Housecall Pro Integration setup tutorial for TNFR members. 

A brief tutorial video walking you through the setup process for the Housecall Pro integration with The New Flat Rate!

Step 1: 

Log into the TNFR or admin dashboard by going to tnfrapp.com, entering your email address and password to log in.

Step 2: 

Click “Company” in the left navigation bar and scroll down to the section titled “Housecall Pro Integration.” 

Step 3: 

Connect your company’s account. This is a one-time action that tells Housecall Pro that you’re allowing The New Flat Rate software to talk to Housecall Pro about your company’s data. 

Click on the House Call Pro sign in button.

Step 4:

If you’re already signed in the Housecall Pro in another tab, you’ll only see a screen that asks you to authorize or deny the connection request. If not, log in to your Housecall Pro admin account email and password. Once you successfully logged in and the company accounts have been connected, it’s time for the next step.

Step 5:

Scroll back down to the Housecall Pro integration section. You see “Step One” is now connected and “Step Two” is now enabled. 

Now we need to connect our user accounts. You’ll see your active TNFR users on the left, and on the right, you will see dropdown boxes where you can connect your Housecall Pro users with the correct TNFR user.


And that’s it! You have successfully integrated Housecall Pro with The New Flat Rate.

If you have any questions or need help with this integration, please call us at 706-259-8892 or email us at support@menupricing.com.

 Have a platinum day!