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Plumbers, We Are Not Our Customer

Plumbers, We Are Not Our Customer

Day in and day out we have face time with our customers.  A little connection can go a long way. In what direction, well, that’s to be determined.  If we’re honest, some of the biggest complications for plumbers across America is in fact the customer.  There will...

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3 Customer Retention Keys!

3 Customer Retention Keys!

From Customer Aquisition to Customer Retention! My favorite customer is not the new customer, as strange as that may sound, but I can’t have my favorite customer without first getting a new customer. So, let’s say I have a new customer, they called for service, and...

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Why The New Flat Rate blog?


Our blog provides a vast array of knowledge, tips, and ideas to grow your contracting business. To contractors who are trying to get their technicians to sell, this blog is for you. Menu Pricing is made easy with our Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC pricing systems in book and iPad form. If you’re interested in The New Flat Rate, please CLICK HERE to visit our main page. You can also REQUEST A FREE ONLINE DEMO HERE.

Our Vision:


To be the #1 Pricing System that provides: stability, profitability, and scalability for service providers worldwide. 


Our Mission:


To equip contractors with a system that takes the pressure off their technicians to sell, is easy to implement, and doubles their service sales. To be the most profitable pricing system for our members.


Core Values:


Honesty: Never misrepresent the facts or yourself or your public.

Integrity: Never make a promise you can’t keep.

Common Sense: Be level-headed and use good judgment.

Excellence: Doing one thing better today than we did yesterday.

Be Kind: Even to those who are against you.




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