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You persistently work on your service business all while trying to be present with your family.

It can become quite a juggling act.

Well, tis’ the season to reflect. For this week’s podcast, the Koops discuss ways to prioritize what’s important. Let’s cut to the chase. Sometimes the problem isn’t that no one wants to work. It’s that we are afraid our technicians and office staff will quit if we change anything. 

 Danielle’s Advice:

Write down a daily affirmation. You could write anything down, goals, aspirations. Maybe you have a hobby, like fishing, you want to spend more time doing. Or perhaps it’s to spend more time with your family”.

Then write it down the next day and the next. Then in a month you’re gonna realize, “Wait a minute, I care about [insert your daily affirmation], and I have not been doing it.”

Once you realize that, and it clicks, you’re gonna start scheduling your tasks around what you really care about.

Matt’s Advice:

By his admission, Matt is a workaholic. And if you’re a small business owner, you probably are too.

Matt has worked hard to create a good habit by leaving something undone at the end of the workday. Just because you stay late and finish it tonight doesn’t mean something else won’t take its place the next day, right?

Set good work boundaries. It’s ok to work until 6 o’clock every night as long as you go home and “clocking out.” Be as productive as you can be during your designated work hours, and then reserve your hours outside of that for your priorities. 

Rodney’s Advice:

“I bought a boat.”

We are getting some Christ Janson vibes here, Rodney.

In all seriousness, in 1990, Rodney bought a boat for his family (his wife and NINE children), so they would always have something to do as a family, and he says it was one of the best decisions he ever made. 

He loves water skiing, so he unofficially made it the Koop family sport, and they spent thousands of hours on the water together. Rodney says if he hadn’t had bought the boat, their whole family would have been different. 

He probably would have worked more. 

TLDR: Find the way that works best for you to prioritize what’s most important to you this holiday season and beyond. 

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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 Matt’s Advice [03:15]
 Rodney’s Advice [09:40]