Like most of the world, the service industry has experienced a great deal of change in recent years. Due to the pandemic, we all have learned that change is necessary if you want to continue succeeding. The world is beginning to return to normal, but change will still be inevitable.

HVAC contractors should brace themselves for significant changes coming to the industry starting at the beginning of 2023. HVAC companies must stay up-to-date on government regulations and ensure compliance in order to avoid fines or legal issues. Keeping informed about changes in regulations can also help companies plan for the future and make strategic decisions about their operations. 

In this post, we will inform you of the three significant changes that are about to disrupt the HVAC industry.

#1) New regulations start on January 1, 2023 – The Department of Energy will be enforcing new regulations on the HVAC industry to improve efficiency.

Contractors will be required to install units that meet the efficiency requirements for the region they are in. The new regulations will raise the energy efficiency requirement for the Southeast and Southwest regions to 15 SEER and for the North to 14 SEER.

Additionally, the Department of Energy has decided to change the energy efficiency standards based on how the equipment is rated. We will be transitioning from SEER to SEER 2, which is expected to result in a 7-8% increase in efficiency. This change is being implemented across the industry.


#2) Consumer safety changes – In 2024, some consumer safety changes are coming.

The coating on the wires is required to be less flammable. Manufacturers are also tightening up the spacing on top of the AC units so fingers can not get stuck in them.


#3)  Increase in equipment costs – To comply with new efficiency standards, you may have to spend more on HVAC equipment.

The components that go into the heating and cooling systems to meet the new efficiencies and restrictions will be more costly. Also, logistics costs will increase due to the increased number of trucks needed to transport these larger units.

As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to prepare in advance to stay on top of your game. Your adaptability, persistence, and hard work will pay off. Use those attributes to prepare for the upcoming 2023 HVAC regulations. Remember to listen to our podcast for additional information on the upcoming changes.

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