You are the Expert

posted 09/21/2016


I was on the witness stand being questioned by a $260,000 per year attorney! “Mr. Koop, how much do you think your time is worth?”  Now this was back in 1998 and at the time I happened to know this particular attorney was billing his client $125 per hour.  I was an Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC contractor so I looked him in the eye and replied, “My time is worth $125 per hour. Do you think that is too much to charge for expertise?” I tried hard to keep a straight face as he hesitated…trying to regain his own composure. … Read More >>


What Women Sell to Men and How They Do It.

posted 09/12/2016


We all know that sex sells.  Whether you’re a man selling to a woman or a woman selling to a man, there is almost always an awareness of sexual attitudes.   As a matter of interest, a study in the early 1960’s said, a man and a woman put together in a room typically cannot go five minutes without one or both thinking about sex. Advertisers have used provocative poses for close to 100 years.  Radio ads will often take advantage of smooth sultry female voices when doing direct advertising towards men.   So, how does that affect you?  Some would say, … Read More >>


The Ride Along

posted 08/18/2016

black and yellow

 matt blog faceMany times we as business owners and managers overlook or misuse the power of the ride along.  The ride along is traditionally used for the observation of technicians not meeting the expectations of the company.  As leaders and owners of companies the ride along can create a stigma associated with your “undivided” attention in the technician’s world.  You’re either valued or not. You’re either the super star technician or you get a ride along from the boss.  What if this particular tool was used without prejudice?  How would you implement it?


  • When should they occur?
    First thing in morning
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Our Jobs- A Learned Trade

posted 08/11/2016


danielle1Think of the greatest
 sports stars to come out 
of American baseball history since its genesis in
 the 18th century. Hank
Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie 
Mays just to name a few. 
Not one of these legendary players were born with a glove and leather bound ball in hand. Not one of them knew how to play the sport of baseball until they stepped out on the field. Every single one of our sports hero’s had to PRACTICE! Icons are not born, they are made. The same goes for salesmen, entrepreneurs, and athletes. We are not all fast learners. And, no
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Success Starts in the Circle

posted 07/15/2016



danielle1“Let’s Go!” I yell promptly at 8:30 every day. As strong advocates for morning meetings, we recently reinstated the morning round up with our own staff – highlighting the day’s priorities (not just their to-do lists, but actual top level priorities).  From the beginning, our goal was to cultivate an environment that yielded focus and respect; even focus and respect are not attributes incapable of burning out.


As I’m sure is true with yours, our staff is very busy each day.  This meeting has to bring about more efficiency during the workday and has to build-up our staff.  … Read More >>


To Price or Not to Price

posted 07/08/2016


Traditionally, when customers call Plumbing, HVAC, or Electrical service companies, one of the most commonly asked questions is, “How much is this going to cost?”.  As service providers we can feel as though we need to answer all their questions immediately, because truthfully, we don’t want them to go somewhere else.  As contractors and business owners we have an inherent need to please our current and potential customers.  This need can make you a true success, but it can also keep you from the very success you dream of.  But, have you ever wondered, maybe we’ve been doing a … Read More >>


Servant Leadership – Is It Worth It?

posted 06/21/2016



Recently, I went to the gym during lunch.  Upon returning to the office in gym clothes, I noticed the parking lot needed to be weed eaten.  I was already sweaty and casual so I went in search of the battery powered weed eater in the shop. Naturally, this was a task that could have been delegated, and many very successful people would have said, “Do not waste your time weed eating – your job is to move the company forward!”. In the back of my mind I knew this to be true…

Is servant leadership lost?  Did it ever


Common Sense – The Third Pillar

posted 06/09/2016

i see salespeople

Recently I began the song and dance with a salesman and his ‘manager’ about joining their membership for marketing services.

In the beginning stages, I made it crystal clear that the timing of this exchange may not be favorable, but that I was still interested in engaging in their proposal.  In life, regarding personal and professional exchanges, we must be able to acknowledge the power of timing.  Timing is imperative to the success in any situation, especially when it involves expectation.  In this situation, there was an expectation of a sale.

A month went by and after several phone calls … Read More >>


Diagnosis For Success

posted 05/23/2016

blog header DO IT RIGHT

When it comes to diagnostics, isn’t it true technicians can all feel a bit rushed by the home office to get into the home and diagnose the problem quickly? The work needs to start so ultimately the job can get done. This is especially prominent during the peak season.  Technicians know, even if they’re not being told, there are a ton more service calls to do.  In general, when anyone feels rushed, what do they tend to do?  The rate at which they work speeds up considerably.  Especially, when you know the work’s not even close to being done.  So, Read More >>


Tech’s Aren’t Chickens

posted 05/18/2016

blog header chickenThis morning on my commute in I listened to a TED Talk podcast about the subject of the “Pecking Order” in relation to “super” chickens. Now, don’t take me wrong or misinterpret my sincere respect for our industry and our technicians…they are undoubtedly far superior to chickens. However, I couldn’t help but associate our desire to hire, train, and cultivate “superstar” technicians in the same way that farmers want superior chickens.  Believing they’ll both always have increased productivity and increased profits. Isn’t that what we’ve been trying to do? We want to hire the best and brightest so, they’ll sell … Read More >>