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Attend the Profit First Workshop!

Join The New Flat Rate and Susan Frew, certified Profit First coach, in this hands on, interactive and entertaining workshop to learn how to uncover the profit in your business and use it for the legacy and lifestyle you always dreamed of…instead of wondering at the end of the year where it went!

As Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, says, “No matter how many years you’ve been at the grind, you are probably well aware of the statistic that roughly 50 percent of businesses fail within the first five years. What they don’t tell you is that those failed entrepreneurs are, in fact, the lucky ones! The majority of the businesses that survive are racking up debt, and their leaders are perpetually stressed. Most entrepreneurs are living a financial nightmare, one that’s populated by Freddy Krueger or Frankenstein’s monster in its raw, unadulterated scariness. In fact, I am convinced that I am Dr. Frankenstein.”


Profit First


February 18, 2021
1pm – 4pm EST



Who Should Attend

Owners / Managers


Attend virtually online or attend live in Dalton, Georgia.


Susan Frew
(Certified Profit First Coach)

Join us with certified Profit First coach Susan Frew in this workshop to discover how to get out of the financial nightmare by:

  • Learn the Profit First system that is used worldwide by over 100,000 companies to make their owners more profitable.
  • Finally, have all of the cash that you envisioned for you and your business.
  • Make 2021 your most profitable year yet.

What will you get?

Each registered attendee will receive a pdf version of the content discussed + a recording of the live webinar.

What will you get?

Each registered attendee will receive a pdf version of the content discussed + a recording of the live webinar.

About Susan Frew

Susan Frew is a certified Profit First Professional as well as a contractor/owner. Susan will deliver the step by step process of implementing Profit First in YOUR business for 2021!

Also, Susan Frew is a professional speaker focused on helping business owners to overcome adversity and achieve success. She delivers entertaining, energetic and value driven virtual or live keynote and breakout speeches to business owner audiences. As a Business Coach, Susan has coached 150 different companies and 17 different trades to success during the 2008 Recession. Through this time, she has learned the art of the Small Business Turnaround and became an expert at overcoming adversity, reinvention, and reaching the TOP again!

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