The New Flat Rate Gives Back

Why do we think it’s important to give back?

We are committed to transforming our communities and shaping the diverse workforce of tomorrow by investing locally and internationally in organizations helping better the future.

Family Frameworks

believes communities are strongest when relationships are healthiest.

Family Frameworks engages the future generations of our community through relevant and thought-provoking discussions, centering on the importance of wise decision-making, intrinsic value, and the pursuit of healthy families and relationships as crucial for optimal quality of life and their success as working citizens in our community. The New Flat Rate President Danielle Putnam is the executive director, and many of our staff serve as board members, volunteers, and donors.



Exists to fund programs and initiatives that further the humanitarian and spiritual efforts in Haiti through their partner on the ground – MEBI. The New Flat Rate has been partnering with Hugz4Haiti since 2014 through various projects, especially the orphan home.

  • Care for Haiti’s orphans
  • Educate the poorest kids in the community
  • Provide healthcare for the underprivileged
  • Support the spiritual ministry of the church to break the hold of the prevailing culture
  • Enable humanitarian and emergency relief programs that improve the lives of remote communities

The Bethesda Project

Reaching the lost. Restoring Dignity. Rebuilding communities.

Bethesda Project Missions is a Christian non-profit charity tasked with making Jesus known through sustainable outreach. The New Flat Rate helped purchase eight acres of farmland in 2020 to help support their sustainability ministry.

TNFR Adopt-A-Family for Christmas

Being in business allows us to impact and influence our community, and it’s never been more needed than today. Each year we adopt a local family in Dalton, GA, who needs a little extra help around the holidays, providing them with clothes, coats, shoes, Christmas gifts, food, and more.

Some more organizations our employees are affiliated with:

  • The Creative Arts Guild of Dalton, GA
  • Unity Dance Troupe and Studios
  • Blood Assurance
  • CSL Plasma
  • The Boy Scouts of America
  • Dalton Arts Project
  • Keep Dalton Whitfield Beautiful
  • Christian Heritage School
  • Crosspointe Dalton
  • The Women’s Enrichment Center
  • Cross Plains Community Partner