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Attend this workshop, to learn how to stop letting your competitors steal your customers!


Live Virtual Training

Topic: How Much is a New One?
When: July 9, 2020 / 12:30-4:30 EST
Cost: $295 per company
Training by Matt Koop / Nation Wide Technician and Management Trainer
Who should attend? Open to everyone! (Managers, Techs, and Owners will get shiploads of content from this workshop)!

Topics include:

  • Add ons for dummies
  • The big opportunity
  • Get paid for getting it right

Training by Matt Koop

Previously a Master technician, Matt Koop is the VP of Training & Implementation for The New Flat Rate. Throughout his career, he has expanded his expertise through professional training with industry leaders. He trains technicians, contractors, and dispatchers on how to implement new systems (such as Fluid Dispatching) into their companies.

Spread the burden over time:  How do you make money and retain customers when whole project financing is not available?  The industry is always looking at moving equipment, but most top end equipment is not drop in ready.  Utilize long-term projects to fill your schedule and have ongoing cashflow.