How to Significantly Reduce Costs while Increasing Revenue Workshop!

Join The New Flat Rate and Rodney Koop, founder and pricing enthusiast, in this hands on, high-level owner-only workshop to learn how to no longer be held hostage by your accountant and create the power-exit strategy you need. 

Is wholesale holding you back? 

You’ve been led to believe by the wholesale companies in the home-service industry that flat-rate pricing is the only way you can succeed as a contractor. But that’s a lie. They are only giving you advice that benefits THEM. I’m going to show you how to adjust your mindset to reduce your costs so you can maximize your wrench turning time to DRAMATICALLY increase your revenue!     


Increase Your Revenue


June 29, 2022
2pm EST



Who Should Attend

Owners / High-Level Managers


Attend virtually online


Rodney Koop
TNFR Founder and Owner

About Rodney Koop

The New Flat Rate is a menu pricing and process development system designed to get contractors out of their financial problems. With thousands of done-for-you menus, pricing is no longer a chore. We were founded by struggling contractor, Rodney Koop, who spent years  in the myths of the industry. He spent thousands on sales training, best practice groups, flat rate pricing, and every other trick in the book, only to find himself more in a bind than before. One day, he noticed that his technician and son, Matt, was writing options for customers on every invoice. The result? When the customers were presented with options, they automatically upsold themselves and bought more than the company could have ever tried to sell them. That’s when Rodney founded The New Flat Rate. He found that if you add high value, low-cost items to your services, just like adding bacon to a cheeseburger, your customers naturally pick the higher value items with no sales pressure and no buyer’s remorse. 

CEO and Founder of The New Flat Rate, Rodney is a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and solutions based enthusiast. Over the last three decades, Koop has founded and sold HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing service companies. Koop is a Master Electrician holding 10 unrestricted electrical licenses and has helped to write and qualify exam questions for state board testing. During his career, Koop has contributed numerous articles and industry assessments to multiple publications and recently authored his first book. Koop is dedicated to challenging all audiences to utilize their brains in creative ways for growing their companies. Working from a place of strength is Koop’s motto, where he believes success and advancement can be achieved with the right tools in our expertise. When he’s not advancing his company forward, Koop can be found on the trails riding one of his four-wheelers or traveling around the world with his wife Karen.