Menu Pricing Made Easy!

We’re helping electrical, HVAC, and plumbing
contractors like you double and triple their sales.
Let us show you how.

Proven Menu Pricing
for HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Contractors

TRADITIONAL FLAT RATE pricing gives the customer one option and forces them to “take it or leave it.”

THE NEW FLAT RATE offers clients a menu of choices. By giving clients more choices, you’ll increase the likelihood of a sale. It’s that simple.

What The New Flat Rate Can Do For You

Remove the stress of “selling” from your contractors, and take the guesswork out of pricing.
Less Stress

Remove the stress of “selling” from your contractors, and take the guesswork out of pricing.

More Choices

Let your customers choose the level of service that matches their budget.

Higher Profits

Increase your average ticket amount. We help contractors just like you double and triple sales every day.


“We started with The New Flat Rate today and the first day tally is in… One Platinum, two Silvers, and one Band-Aid. Love it so far!”

James HVAC Contractor from Idaho

“Hired a new plumber this week and on his first service call using menu pricing he sold a $2,700 ‘Platinum’ water heater! His 2nd call was a $2,000 ‘Gold’ job. We are loving the system…and now I need a new bank to hold all of my money!”

Fred Plumbing Contractor from California

“The learning curve was quick, painless and easy. My company is no longer wasting time doing old flat rate.”

Mark Plumbing Contractor from Indiana

“I personally used The New Flat Rate running calls on Saturday. My service repair sales were over $4,000 because of this book! I will no longer accept excuses from my technicians stating they can’t sell. Anyone can use this system.”

Dan HVAC Contractor from Georgia

“Thanks to you, one of our customers just emailed us this about our tech, “He was thorough on explaining the options and costs to me and did not push the more expensive one just to make a sale. I look forward to working with your company again in the future.”

Jimmy in California

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