IAQ is so crucial to your customer’s health! We discuss the importance of indoor air quality and what steps are being taken to improve it in this podcast.


Today we sat down with Ken Grubbs, the Founder of KGG Consulting, to discuss IAQ and new steps KGG is using going forward with that industry. Here are a few points we touched on. Firstly, how will contractors know which IAQ products are needed to put into customers’ homes? Secondly, how do contractors market IAQ to customers?

Let’s move forward into these critical topics.

How will contractors know which IAQ products are needed to put into customers’ homes?


Ken says that some air purification products actually purify the air, while others simply filter it. Some devices filter and purify the air from outside before circulating it inside the home, saving energy in the process. Some products monitor the air. There are products that either add humidity or decrease humidity if necessary.”

He goes on, “You would be surprised how important the proper humidity level is to indoor health. So all those things add up to a bunch of different products we teach the contractor. Such as deciding which of that suite of products fits the bill within the budget and the homeowner’s needs. To get a good quote for a homeowner, you need to be able to offer a variety of solutions.”

KGG has an online training program for distributors and contractors; anyone can sign up for free. There are three classes, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. However, the advanced class is more about how to sell IAQ.

You can learn how to install products, listen to homeowners, and assess houses to come up with solutions. There are classes available that cover the basics of IAQ, as well as more specific classes that focus on particular products.

How do contractors market IAQ to customers?


The installer or technician is often not necessarily the best salesman in the industry. More likely, he is a fantastic installer; that is what he does well. However, there is an excellent opportunity for a video brochure to present to the homeowner. 

Ken explains how a “video brochure” can help with marketing, “There is a thing called a video brochure. It’s about the size of a standard brochure, but when you open it, there’s a five-by-seven LED screen that starts playing automatically. We designed a two-minute infomercial that discusses indoor air quality solutions.”

He continues, “Imagine this scenario: a technician comes to the home, knocks on the door, meets the homeowner, and listens to the problem. He says he’s going to get his tools and is going around back and will start checking things out for you. However, while he’s doing that, he wants to leave you with this video brochure. He wants you to open it up, take a look, and talk about it later. Now the homeowner has been primed. The video is well-designed, and it’s an animated video. It tells the customer I’m a professional in indoor air quality, and I have real solutions to improve the air quality in your home. If you’re interested in learning more, I’d be happy to talk with you. Now we’ve bridged that gap.”


Here is how you can learn more about KGG Consulting and TNFR!


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