Rodney Koop, Danielle Putnam to speak at WWETT Show

The New Flat Rate aims to help contractors achieve new levels of success with presentations on pricing, process building

DALTON, Ga. – Feb 15, 2022

Rodney Koop, left, and Danielle Putnam of The New Flat Rate will be guest speakers at the 2022 WWETT Show at the Indiana Convention Center, Feb. 21-24.

Titled “Time to Eliminate Flat Rate Frustration,” Koop’s presentation will take place Feb. 21 from 10:30 a.m. to noon local time. The session will focus on explaining how pricing could be holding companies back. During the presentation, Koop will also discuss pricing logic for the trades, Fortune 500 pricing, and define a pricing system that could work for attendees.

“In many cases, service companies are so desperate for business that they will give away the farm for a single cow,” Koop said. “Your pricing could be stabbing you in the back. If your techs can’t sell your services, then you can’t make money. This discussion will help attendees gain a better understanding of pricing and help them realize how retail pricing can change their lives.”

In her presentation “Process Building in 20 Seconds,” Putnam will lay the groundwork for creating simplicity and success in a business so their energy converts to revenue. She will explain process writing, process implementation and value building while teaching the audience how to implement them in 20 seconds. Her presentation will take place on Feb. 22 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. local time.

“Often, business owners rely on complex systems that are hurting their business instead of helping,” Putnam said. “Contractors are already limited on time, so simplifying processes can make life easier and help create revenue. When the audience walks away from this session, they will have an easy-to-use process development system and a handful of simple processes to help their business thrive.”

The WWETT Show is the world’s largest annual trade show for wastewater and environmental service professionals. The event offers a full slate of live demos, networking opportunities and an extensive expo floor.

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