Financing in your business could be something essential to your customers! But how can you incorporate something so “complex” into the customers’ process? Well, it doesn’t have to be so tricky!


Today we sat down with Matthew Bratsis, Creator of OPTIMUS Financing, to discuss all about OPTIMUS and its power. Here are a few points we touched on. Firstly, what do they provide to contractors? Secondly, how easy is it for a contractor to start with OPTIMUS?

Let’s take a look at OPTIMUS and the financing tool they offer.

What is OPTIMUS and what do they provide to contractors?


Matthew states, “We started to sit there thinking, how can we improve the overall experience for the contractor and the consumer and give them the best experience? What is it that we have to design? And what we thought about is it has to be a straightforward process. It has to be one application, and it’s gotta direct the customer to the right lender and situation.”

Their mission was to eliminate the struggle between the customer and contractor while keeping them safe. The system does not affect the customer’s credit score, but tells the contractor if the customer is prime, secondary, or third.

How easy is it for a contractor to start with OPTIMUS?


Their process is pretty simple; they have a program that takes identification. One of the most significant advantages they take is all the risk for the banks and lenders as part of their non-profit and value prop. This means they can get contractors on OPTIMUS, regardless of how long they have been in business or how big their sales are.

Matthew explains how simple it is to get started, “You fill out one simple application with EGIA and OPTIMUS. You don’t have to fill out multiple applications for our various lenders.

Apply to us and we can get you underwritten in four to five business days. We’ll give you the keys to start the process within a week.

There are no documents; we don’t need to see financials, and we do not need to see your licensing. We can check everything online that we need to check for, like your background. To get paid, fill out an application and attach a blank check. And I think most contractors probably don’t have a problem with it.”

How do I start?


Go to to sign up today!


Show Notes:

[05:39] What OPTIMUS is and how they help contractors

[09:08] Explaining what a “waterfall” is

[11:13] How easy it is to start with OPTIMUS

[15:25] What we are seeing today in the contracting industry

[17:18] Fees when being an approved contractor with OPTIMUS

[22:28] You can finance through OPTIMUS on a Service Repair job

[29:16] In conclusion


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