In the rare instance where you would need to create or update a service titan estimate, and you don’t have access to the TNFR mobile app, update them in your admin portal!

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can update Service Titan estimates that include TNFR tasks from your desktop. 

So let’s jump on into your ServiceTitan admin dashboard. 

Since the TNFR tasks in the ServiceTitan price book are set to be placeholders, there is no description or price, but you need to have a way to get that information into ServiceTitan. 

Let’s take a look at a job and walk through how to sync that information. 

For this example, we will look at Job #636599 – No Cooling in Dalton. 

       1. Click the blue “Job Actions” button on the top right of your screen

       2. Click “Add an Estimate” and create a new estimate. Let’s call this one Secondary Estimate and hit the blue create button at the bottom of your screen.

Your tech called in and said the customer wants to go with the bronze option, and we know that’s an HC4B – The Basic Air Movement System Renovation

As you can see the description is intentionally left blank, and the unit price is zero.

For this example, we’re also going to add in a non-TNFR task so you can see how this process works with different tasks. Let’s add a zone three delivery fee-waived that we want to have on the estimate for the customer.

Once you’ve added all the tasks you need for this estimate, you’ll see that the total cost is zero dollars for any TNFR tasks you’ve added. 

     3. Now, you will want to get the most up-to-date pricing and task details from TNFR into this estimate, so to do that, open a new tab and log in to the TNFR admin dashboard. You can find that at

     4. Once you’re logged in, click on the integrations button on the left column. Then click on the “Service Titan Learn More” button.

     5. Click on the new tab called “Update Estimates”.

You’re going to be inserting the details for The New Flat Rate tasks into the ServiceTitan estimates, this won’t work for invoices. 

     6. Type the job number in this field and click “Find Job”. In this case, you are looking for Job #636599.

     7. This is going to pull up every estimate that belongs to this job. Check the details on the job to ensure you have the correct job.

Notice how the delivery fee task is grayed out compared to the HC4B Task.  That’s because it’s not a TNFR task and we aren’t going to be inserting any details for it. 

     8. To insert the Task Details into the TNFR Items on this Estimate, click the “Insert Details for all TNFR Tasks” button, and that’s it! 

Head back to your ServiceTitan dashboard tab and refresh the page, and you’ll see the latest description and price.

What if you need to allow somebody else in the office to use this feature? Do you have to give your Admin User information to all of your office staff?

We have you covered!  We have created a new User Type called an “Office User.”  

You can set one up today in your Admin Dashboard free of charge, or you can call us at 706-259-8892 or email us at to get started. 

Have a platinum day!