Why Businesses Rely on Our HVAC Price Book

posted 07/16/2015

As a business owner, if you’ve never used a product such as the New Flat Rate HVAC price book, you probably wonder why you would need someone else to explain your business to your clients/customers for you. You would be right in thinking this, but only partly. No one else knows your business as well as you do, but today HVAC business owners have to contend with some brand new challenges and headaches when dealing with customers.

Problems Businesses Face

Our HVAC price book is tailored to address problems that HVAC business owners typically face. For instance, technicians are typically ill-equipped to sell products and services. You may find this is true even if you’ve spent the time and money to train your employees. Very often they are not able to convey clearly to customers the options available to them.

Secondly, customers may think they don’t have the money required for an upgrade; often erroneously.

Thirdly, customers have access to Google 24 x 7. This means that they punched in a few search terms and now feel that they know all about the HVAC business. They are suspicious and often resistant to the solutions that your technician correctly suggests.

How the HVAC Price Book Helps

Now with the New Flat Rate, there are several benefits for you as a business owner: You don’t have to hound your technicians to upsell products and services. They simply present the menu with its various options. Your customer examines the menus that your technician offers them, and then makes their own choice without feeling as though they are buying anything unnecessary.

Meanwhile your technicians are relieved of the job of convincing the customer that they do actually need to buy the product or service suggested. As a business owner you enjoy the best possible profitability; so that you can concentrate on expanding or taking your business to the next level.

If you want to know more about our HVAC price book, about how it works and the kind of success other businesses have enjoyed by using it, call us at 706-259-8892 or email us at info@thenewflatrate.com and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.