What Makes Flat Rate Plumbing Pricing Great for Plumbers?

posted 07/06/2015

You understand the extent of the problem at hand. You were trained to identify breakdowns in a plumbing system, be it a household or a business system, and solve them. You are a skilled and experienced technician, someone who knows their area of specialization. You know what you are not, though? A businessperson.

Haggling and negotiating is just not your forte, is it? You’d rather get on with your job and leave the upselling to someone else. If this sounds like you, thenflat rate plumbing just might be the perfect solution for your needs.

Problems Faced by Technicians

Nowadays, because of the reach of the Internet, everyone can find some information about anything easily, even if that info isn’t necessarily 100 percent correct. Information has been made available but not all of it is accurate and customers may get things completely wrong, thinking that they have been wrongly charged for work when in fact, they have not. This is why flat rate plumbingis so useful, both to plumbers and customers. It takes the uncertainty out of negotiations and puts the facts before the concerned parties, in black and white.

The New Flat Rate Plumbing Menu

Our new flat rate plumbing service system contains over 200 menu items for practically every scenario which you can possibly encounter in the course of plumbing repairs, household or business. This gives your plumber the freedom to avoid negotiations and get on with the job, and it provides the customer the satisfaction that they are paying a fair price for the work or future work.

Numerous plumbers have found these menus to be a boon when dealing with business owners looking for repair work. It increases trust, and saves time for both parties. The business owner is more likely to order repeat services whenever required in future from a plumber who comes armed with these professional pricing systems.

Call us at 706-259-8892 to learn more about our new flat rate plumbing menus. Alternatively, you may drop us a line at info@thenewflatrate.com to find out how your menu pricing can be made easy.