Using the HVAC Flat Rate Menu in the Fall

posted 10/06/2015

Our Tried and Tested HVAC Flat Rates Can Help Your Customers Make the Right Choices This Fall

If autumn is one of your busiest seasons of the years, this is something you need to read. Typically this is the time of year when your customers are most likely to call you up with requirements for repairs or maintenance visits. Just before the weather turns really cold and snow threatens to falls is when people are most likely to need maintenance or a new installation.

So you want to be fully equipped with the tools of the trade to help your customers find the products and services they need, leaving your people to concentrate on delivering service to the best of their capability.

Our Flat Rate Menus Can Simplify Everything

If you’ve been running your business without a proper pricing menu of your products and services, that needs to change. Make service calls easier for your technicians and customers. With our HVAC Flat Rate Menus, your technicians can focus on repairs or installations, while customers have clear and upfront pricing they can see before making a decision about further services.

With a menu system in place, you and your customers have the peace of mind that comes from clarity. Your customers feel that you’re fully upfront and your technicians don’t have to waste any time with explanations and haggling during your busy fall season.

The other advantage is the ability to customize your HVAC flat rate menu. You can add winter specials, offer fall deals, and create packages that are bound to be attractive to customers looking to get things ship shape in time for the colder weather. You can also create special options to let customers choose the service that fits their budget. A properly thought-out menu will streamline your business and simplify processes more than you can ever imagine.

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