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posted 03/12/2018


Your Price is your power – but only if you can get it. What should your price be? –  What will your market bear? I’ll show you.

Do you wish your customer would “shop” with you the way they shop for their favorite things? They will when you make one little change.

I’ll show you 5 ways you are leaving profit at the door but more importantly, I’ll show you how to turn that around right now.

After several years of testing, tweaking and perfecting our methods, we are now on a mission to change lives.  And change starts with putting money where it belongs, in your bank account.

It’s no secret that your employees have skills and talents but how many are experts in selling all day every day?  In fact just the plumbing and HVAC industry alone has spent over 100 million dollars training technicians to sell and upsell in the homes.

In this workshop you will see first hand how by making a few strategic changes your results will skyrocket.

The first change and incidentally the first thing you will learn at this workshop will be recognizing what profit really is and how to take it out of the business each and every week and put it in a very safe place.

You will wish you had done this years ago, but you will do it as soon as you get back to your office.  We will show you what retailers do that wholesalers don’t.   Wow will this be a shocker.  You are probably saying, “I’m not in the wholesale business!”  Believe me you will want to see how with a few small tweeks you can jumpstart to full retail.

All New Billable Hour Calculations: Check out our new “Labor Profit Calculator”  and see where we have been missing it all these years.

Knowing your price is one thing but knowing what the market will happily bear is priceless.

How do we generate pricing that works for your company in your market?  Jessica will cover that.  Jessica Cox has been the head of our Client Pricing Fulfillment for over 3 years and has helped hundreds of our clients set their prices in all 50 states. Watch how with 4 pieces of information from you she can quickly get you to a place of high profit.

The future of flat rate pricing is going to affect every service contractor in this country but you can get ahead of the curve with this priceless information.  Become an expert on effective pricing strategies when you attend this workshop.

Learning and doing are two different things.  Our systems are “turn-key”  done for you ready to use immediately.  Anything you want to use in your business can be set up, customized for you before the day is done.

We look forward to hosting you at one of our 4 new event locations; Atlanta (March 27th), Minneapolis (June 26th), Dallas (September 18th) and Phoenix (December 4th). Attend as many as you like, and bring a team member as well.

We would be honored if you would join us.


Rodney Koop

Founder, The New Flat Rate



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