Providing Your Customers with an Honest Price – HVAC Flat Rate Menu Pricing Book

posted 08/25/2015

When making the switch to flat rate menu pricing, there are many questions that business owners have before making the switch. One of the big ones is, “Will my customers like this new flat rate menu pricing plan?” Our team at The New Flat Rate says yes! But before we could make such a proclamation, we ran beta tests all across the Country. We have tested our HVAC Menu Pricing system in big towns, small towns, with big companies and with small companies. HVAC flat rate menu pricing is sure to change the way your customers feel about your business in positive ways. Even if they have been your customer for 20+ years, they will appreciate the opportunity to choose the level of service they would like, from a pricing system that offers a menu of choices.

A common customer fear and objection of lack of trust has stemmed in our industry by HVAC companies that operate without a set HVAC flat rate pricing book or menu pricing to guide them. Not having a set method often seems to the customer prices are pulled out of the air. Customers hate that and HVAC businesses generally hate to operate that way. It would be like going out to a restaurant and randomly ordering food without being able to see the prices on the menu. You don’t want to accidentally order something that costs too much! Using an HVAC flat rate menu pricing book to set your business prices can change that.

When you use our flat rate menu pricing, you are able to give your customers an exact price for a repair or installation before the work is done and a list of options. Once your customers have this information, they can rest assured that they are receiving the services they need at a fair price. Furthermore, it allows them to choose different levels of service if they need something more. By having the options, they are able to understand precisely what they are paying for, as well as know what to expect when your technicians are done with the job.

Improve the way you operate your HVAC business when you choose our HVAC flat rate menu pricing book. The New Flat Rate offers proven menu pricing that removes the stress of selling from your contractors, allows your customers to choose the level of service that fits their budget, and helps your business increase your average ticket amount. Schedule a demo for our services today and find out how our HVAC flat rate menu pricing book can change your business. You can fill out our contact page to plan this demo, as well as ask questions about pricing or just inquire about how our system works!