Member Day Webinar - Relinquishing Control!


 Join the President of The New Flat Rate, Danielle Putnam on Thursday, June 22nd  at 3pm EST for our monthly Member Day webinar. 




As a business owner and contractor, do you have your hands in everything?  Who can blame you!  Especially if you built your company from the ground up!


Did you know that by allowing your team to collaborate with each other by building processes to allow independence, you are setting them up for their success and the success of your company?  And clearly taking a load off your shoulders.


On June 22nd , we will talk about a few things:


  1. If employees are entrusted with the right kind of authority, they can’t help but to feel a sense of responsibility.
  2. Engaging your team into a company culture where everyone knows and understands the vision will undoubtedly increase productivity, employee longevity, and sustainability.
  3. The unbelievable…what organizations can achieve when a commitment culture takes hold.


We look forward to seeing you there!