Why HVAC Companies Use Flat Rate Pricing

Flat rate pricing, is a method by which customers obtain a price quote before work begins instead of being presented with a bill after the job is complete. Using an HVAC flat rate pricing guide, contractors can offer customers a variety of tiered pricing plans for different levels of service; customers can then choose the level of service they like and can afford.

HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Guide Trumps Traditional HVAC Pricing
Flat rate pricing is a selling tool that sells itself. The New Flat Rate provides all the menu pricing tools needed to double and triple an HVAC company’s average ticket amounts every day. Because up-sells are part of the system, there’s no need for technicians to pressure customers by trying to talk them into a sale. In fact, menu pricing results in customers up-selling themselves at least 80 percent of the time.

Using an HVAC flat rate pricing guide can increase customer satisfaction and create a consistently higher profit margin for an HVAC company. The flat rate pricing guide is popular with technicians because it allows them to focus completely on the technical aspects of their jobs without having to act as salespeople at the same time.

Customers Prefer Flat Rate Pricing
Studies indicate that over 90 percent of customers prefer products and services with fixed-rate pricing over products and services with time-and-materials pricing. Customers often feel anxious while a technician is performing a repair or a service; they are afraid of being presented with a bill they can’t afford to pay after the service is complete.

Technicians Prefer Flat Rate Pricing
Technicians are not sales people; they prefer to concentrate on the technical services they provide without having to worry about how to up-sell a customer. Having to sell a customer on something and provide an HVAC service at the same time distracts technicians from doing their jobs. An added bonus for technicians is that, by using our HVAC flat rate pricing guide, they no longer have to deal with bosses who want to know why they’re not selling products and services to customers.

With menu pricing, technicians don’t feel pressured by customers to work faster, and they’re not being watched over by customers to ensure that no time is wasted. With an HVAC flat rate pricing guide, HVAC techs can devote as much time as is needed to complete a job correctly instead of trying to hurry up and complete the repair just to make the customer happy. This, in turn, results in fewer call backs and complaints for the HVAC company.

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