Flat Rate Electrical Menus for Your Business

posted 07/02/2015

Yours is a specialized skill acquired through in-depth and intensive training, yet more often than not, you find yourself distracted by the necessity of upselling. Moreover, how can any electrician concentrate on doing the job for which he was trained when the tension of negotiation is ever-present?

Particularly when those at the other end of the negotiations don’t always know the costs of the additional services? If this is your problem, the new flat rate electrical systemcould be just what you need.

Problems Faced by Electricians

Nowadays, because of the information explosion which has resulted from the influence of the … Read More >>


Seasonal Plumbing Issues Covered in Our Plumbing Price Book

posted 06/24/2015

As a business owner putting together a plumbing price book, you need to remember scenarios and problems that you and your technicians will face over time — issues unique to each season. Just as you would need to factor in services that may be specific to older houses, condos, etc., you need to include seasonal ones as well. Consider these unique seasonal problems when putting together a pricing book of your own.

Seasonal Plumbing Issues

You must be well aware of the plumbing problems that come along with each season, which you and your technicians are regularly required to … Read More >>


Use Our HVAC Flat Rate Pricing During the Summer

posted 06/23/2015

Apart from the fact that our HVAC flat rate menu includes 220 menus (each including up to five options to choose from) for nearly every scenario that you will find in the field, we give you access to a selling tool that really works — one created using customer-purchasing language.

This is a flat rate pricing menu structured to practically sell itself simply because it lists all possible scenarios; including the particular problems that HVAC systems encounter in the summer.

Common HVAC Problems in Summer

Typically, you will have complaints about air conditioning systems in summer: the AC won’t blow … Read More >>


HVAC Flat Rate Pricing — Presenting Your New Price Menu

posted 06/19/2015

As a business owner your focus is on trying to boost sales and improve your profitability. This is only natural, but it sends you and your technicians down the path of hard selling products and services. However there are a couple of problems with this: First, customers don’t like this; they feel they are being strong armed and pressure sold products and services they might not fully understand. Secondly technicians don’t like to sell; it simply isn’t their strong suit.

Make Selling Simpler With the New Flat Rate

So what can you do to prevent your customers being put off? … Read More >>


How the HVAC Flat Rate Price Book Can Help Grow Your Business

posted 06/18/2015

If there is one thing that business owners and contractors seem to agree upon, it’s that technicians do not like to sell. After all, sales isn’t their thing, nor is it meant to be. Fixing is their thing; and they shouldn’t have to waste time negotiating, haggling, and upselling when they could be fixing. And no amount of training seems to make any significant difference either. Our HVAC flat rate price book is designed to offer solutions, relieving pressure on technicians to upsell and providing customers with clear service pricing.

The New Flat Rate — Menu Pricing Made Easy

Our …


Why the New Electrical Flat Rate Pricing Makes Sense

posted 06/17/2015

Selling and upselling by technicians in plumbing, HVAC, and electrical has long been a challenge that even expensive and extensive training often has not been able to improve. The Flat Rate Menu Pricing System has proven to be an effective means to help businesses increase profits by providing them with a selling tool that really helps them to actually sell! This is why the electrical flat rate pricing makes so much sense for you and your technicians.

Problems Technicians and Business Owners Face

The problem that many business owners face is that their technicians struggle to consistently sell or upsell … Read More >>


Switching to HVAC Flat Rate Pricing!

posted 01/22/2015

It’s easy to fall into the trap of implementing high pressure sales tactics in an effort to upsell your customers. You may have gone to a seminar or two on operating a small business and how to maximize the potential of your customer base. When you think about how this theory works in practice, the addition revenue may seem tempting, but with the potential to off-put customer or place your sales team or specialists in the position of trying to strong arm customers could cost you repeat business.

The practitioners of these tactics insist that their way garners maximum yield, … Read More >>


Say Hello to your New Plumbing Price Book

posted 01/22/2015

You already know that plumbing is a profitable business, but did you know that it can be even more profitable?

Now, you finally have access to a tool that not only can help you increase upsells but make your job a lot easier. With plumbing menu pricing from The New Flat Rate, you can transform your business! Imagine upselling being easier than ever before. With our plumbing price book, you will have the information you need to migrate to menu pricing.

Plumbing outfits all across America have already switched from an outdated system that made upselling a difficult task … Read More >>


How to use AC Leak Freeze

posted 08/29/2014

At The New Flat Rate, our experts are dedicated to helping you simplify your business’s processes. Our HVAC flat rate pricing menus are the best way we can help, but we go beyond that by testing and talking about new industry products. For this installment, Matt works with AC Leak Freeze.

Matt is often found testing new products. In this video he demonstrates how to use AC Leak Freeze and explores some helpful tips. This is one of the latest products to hit our industry, and it is very simple to use. Once you tune in to this informative video, … Read More >>



posted 07/19/2014

AHR ExpoContent from a 90 minute educational session by guest speaker Rodney Koop, presented in January 2014, at the AHR Expo in New York.


  1. The habit of understanding that buildings are flawed
  2. The habit of understanding environmental infiltration
  3. The habit of 3rd party credibility
  4. The habit of harnessing the power of physics & common sense
  5. The habit of meditation / thinking through the building
  6. The habit of constantly learning about the human body
  7. The habit of “true empathy” with your client

1st habit, buildings have FLAWS:

  • How is your customer’s health
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