Flat Rate Plumbing Pricing to Maximize Customer Satisfaction

posted 10/06/2015

Our Flat Rate Menu is invaluable in helping you increase your customer base and revenue. The menu has all the pricing you’ll need to provide your customers upfront and your technicians don’t have to brush up on their salesman shtick.

But there are other benefits of using flat rate plumbing pricing. The fact is that your customers and clients will also happier with this system, resulting in improved customer service and effortless customer satisfaction.

Why Customers Like Flat Rate Menus

Presenting a customer with our pricing menu is professional and makes your business appear organized and most importantly — … Read More >>


Using the HVAC Flat Rate Menu in the Fall

posted 10/06/2015

Our Tried and Tested HVAC Flat Rates Can Help Your Customers Make the Right Choices This Fall

If autumn is one of your busiest seasons of the years, this is something you need to read. Typically this is the time of year when your customers are most likely to call you up with requirements for repairs or maintenance visits. Just before the weather turns really cold and snow threatens to falls is when people are most likely to need maintenance or a new installation.

So you want to be fully equipped with the tools of the trade to help your … Read More >>


Providing Your Customers with an Honest Price – HVAC Flat Rate Menu Pricing Book

posted 08/25/2015

When making the switch to flat rate menu pricing, there are many questions that business owners have before making the switch. One of the big ones is, “Will my customers like this new flat rate menu pricing plan?” Our team at The New Flat Rate says yes! But before we could make such a proclamation, we ran beta tests all across the Country. We have tested our HVAC Menu Pricing system in big towns, small towns, with big companies and with small companies. HVAC flat rate menu pricing is sure to change the way your customers feel about your business … Read More >>


Why Businesses Rely on Our HVAC Price Book

posted 07/16/2015

As a business owner, if you’ve never used a product such as the New Flat Rate HVAC price book, you probably wonder why you would need someone else to explain your business to your clients/customers for you. You would be right in thinking this, but only partly. No one else knows your business as well as you do, but today HVAC business owners have to contend with some brand new challenges and headaches when dealing with customers.

Problems Businesses Face

Our HVAC price book is tailored to address problems that HVAC business owners typically face. For instance, technicians are … Read More >>


Starting a Business With Flat Rate Pricing HVAC Service Menus

posted 07/15/2015

You may have expertise and experience in the field; you may have the trained personnel and dedicated technicians to go out there and do the job for you. And yet when you start out on the tough road to owning and operating your own enterprise, you may not be able to grow your business the way you deserve to have it grow. Have you ever thought how your business can get the push that it needs to succeed when you’ve put all your blood, sweat, and tears into it? Have you thought about flat rate pricing HVAC service?

Have …


Electrical Price Book — Helping Customers Understand Services

posted 07/14/2015

Are you a skilled electrician who knows their job? Or are you perhaps a business owner who employs several electricians who sell various products and services for your enterprise? Chances are you (or your electricians) may not be the most articulate of individuals. As electricians with a valuable skill set, you or your employees can do any electrical work, but when it comes to sales you struggle. If this is a problem that you recognize, you need to know more about our electrical price book.

The New Flat Rate — Helping You Communicate

We have various tools to help …


What Makes Flat Rate Plumbing Pricing Great for Plumbers?

posted 07/06/2015

You understand the extent of the problem at hand. You were trained to identify breakdowns in a plumbing system, be it a household or a business system, and solve them. You are a skilled and experienced technician, someone who knows their area of specialization. You know what you are not, though? A businessperson.

Haggling and negotiating is just not your forte, is it? You’d rather get on with your job and leave the upselling to someone else. If this sounds like you, thenflat rate plumbing just might be the perfect solution for your needs.

Problems Faced by Technicians

Nowadays, …