Flat Rate Plumbing Pricing to Maximize Customer Satisfaction

posted 10/06/2015

Our Flat Rate Menu is invaluable in helping you increase your customer base and revenue. The menu has all the pricing you’ll need to provide your customers upfront and your technicians don’t have to brush up on their salesman shtick.

But there are other benefits of using flat rate plumbing pricing. The fact is that your customers and clients will also happier with this system, resulting in improved customer service and effortless customer satisfaction.

Why Customers Like Flat Rate Menus

Presenting a customer with our pricing menu is professional and makes your business appear organized and most importantly — honest. The whole process of selling products and services is streamlined. Your customers and your technicians save a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted in explanations and haggling and needless negotiations. Your prices are known and the customer can pick and choose what they need without feeling pressured.

Presenting a menu to a customer is a low-pressure sales tactic, which they’ll appreciate. They don’t feel as if they are being forced to opt for a service and feel that they can take their time making up their mind. Since they already have some half-baked knowledge from reading stuff off the Internet, they feel that they know quite a bit.

In this situation it is better to allow the customer to feel that they are in charge and that the choice they have made is their own rather than the result of a sales spiel or tactic. Feeling in control of the situation is important for many customers; so if you can provide this as well as good products and services, your customers are bound to be happier.

The flat rate plumbing pricing system also allows you to showcase your services and products in an honest and upfront manner. The customer knows exactly what they are paying for and how much additional work might cost, if they decide they need something else later.

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