Frequently Asked Questions

What is The New Flat Rate?

The New Flat Rate is a menu selling system developed to bridge the gap between 21st-century customers and the service industry.  By offering 5 levels of service for each repair, your customer feels empowered, rather than forced into making a purchase.  With emphasis on service not parts, your technicians don’t have to be great salesmen.  The system does the selling.

How much does your system cost?

We have options for every budget! The price of your system is customized to your company’s unique needs.  We offer pricing suitable for the needs of a one-man truck, all the way up to large companies with many technicians.

Can I just buy the books? 

We do offer a Basic Package for the Do-It-Yourselfer which includes minimal training.  All of our packages, however, do include a monthly membership and licensing fee for the continued use of our books and access to our online training, system updates, technician support and more.

Do you integrate with my service and dispatch software? 

We have provided integration files for over 30 different software programs so far, and we are constantly adding to this.  Check with us to see if yours is on the list.  In most cases, we can work directly with the software company to provide a file for your pricing integration.

How often do you update/reprint books?

We recommend that you do a yearly reprint in order to fully take advantage of all the updates from the past year.  We strive to constantly improve our system and we regularly notify our customers via email when important updates are available that might interest you.

My company is paperless.  Can I get the books on my iPad/tablet?

Yes! We are on Android and iPad.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Absolutely!  We offer a written guarantee on Gold and above training packages.  Please inquire during your email for more details about our guarantee!

Will The New Flat Rate work in my market?

The New Flat Rate is successfully being used in 50 States and Canada, in metro and rural areas.

I’m a one-man truck operation, will it work for me?

Yes!  Many of our most satisfied clients are one-man-truck companies.

Does it work for large companies?

Yes!  Training and implementation is vital to success in larger companies, but we offer several options and plans and can assist you or your service manager every step of the way.

Do you have any references that I can talk to?

Yes, just ask.  We will try to match you to a client of ours in a similar market.