Electrical Price Book — Helping Customers Understand Services

posted 07/14/2015

Are you a skilled electrician who knows their job? Or are you perhaps a business owner who employs several electricians who sell various products and services for your enterprise? Chances are you (or your electricians) may not be the most articulate of individuals. As electricians with a valuable skill set, you or your employees can do any electrical work, but when it comes to sales you struggle. If this is a problem that you recognize, you need to know more about our electrical price book.

The New Flat Rate — Helping You Communicate

We have various tools to help professionals and business owners grow their trade. Among these is the electrical price book; a set of menus designed to explain your products and services to your customers in an effortless, clear, and uncomplicated manner. After all, these are skilled professionals we’re talking about here; if you’d wanted to be salespersons you would have made that career choice! You don’t want to be wasting your time (or that of your technicians) convincing skeptical customers (often with that incorrect information from Google) that they need what they need. Much simpler to let the New Flat Rate do all the talking for you!

If you or your technicians are not the most garrulous of souls, worry not! Our specially designed electrical price book with its comprehensive menus and options that envisage all eventualities are as articulate as you want to be. Our new electrical-centered flat rate pricing menu is a truly powerful tool as we and countless other professionals have found. During beta testing we observed 100 percent closing rates. In other words, literally everyone that sees the electrical menu pricing system chose an option for repair and there were no “service call only” cases with this system!

Get the Advantage for Your Business

If this sounds amazing to you (and believe us, it really is!), you need to get in touch to know more. We’ll be happy to explain just how our electrical price book works. Whether you work by yourself or whether you’re a business owner with several employees, call us at 706-259-8892 or email us at info@thenewflatrate.com; we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.